In case you’re wondering why I’m recapping my weekend a day later than usual, we had a long weekend here in Canada. Yesterday was Victoria Day (which is a stat), so I had the day off from work. Woohoo! The May long weekend is always the unofficial start of summer. Long weekends always seem to come right when I need them. I know one day really isn’t a big deal, but having that day off when I’d usually be at work makes it seem extra good, know what I mean? I definitely took advantage of my long weekend.



My internet was down Friday evening, which meant that instead of watching Netflix on the couch, I ended up being productive instead. After eating dinner I get a couple loads of laundry done and planned my meals for the coming week. I then headed out to get groceries. Such an exciting Friday night, I know. But at least I got my laundry and groceries done and I didn’t have to worry about them for the rest of the weekend.


Saturday morning I actually slept in! I made it until 7:30 and then I got up. I’m usually not a person who can sleep in, so sleeping until 7:30 felt pretty luxurious.

Since I had gotten my groceries for the week the night before, I got to work making chicken fajitas for lunch. I used the spice mix from this recipe (Budget Bytes has some of my favorite recipes – Beth is awesome). I then sauteed up some chicken, added the spices, and then added some sliced green pepper and onion. It turned out delicious!

Picnic in the Park Food Trucks

Saturday night was date night. It started with walking over to Picnic in the Park – an empty parking lot with a bunch of food trucks in it. It was tough to make a decision about what I wanted to get with so many choices, but I finally decided on the chili chicken tacos from Taiko Taco. My boyfriend decided on donair egg rolls from Mighty Halifax. Since our choices were shareable we both got to try what the other person got. Both the chili chicken tacos and the donair egg rolls were delicious. I’d get both of them again. They also had some live music while we were there.

Picnic in the Park Food Trucks

Since we’ve both been watching Westworld and we’re a few episodes behind, we decided to watch some of that after walking back to his place. We watched episodes three and four of season two. I don’t want to give away any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen season 2 yet, but the last few words of episode four made me ask a ton of questions. It’s amazing how just a few little words can change things so dramatically. We were both trying to come up with theories that could explain everything that’s happened so far. I think we got 2 or 3 good ones, but I’m not sure if any of them are the theory. I can’t wait to watch more!


I started off my Sunday with a walk in one of my favorite parks in Calgary, Bowmont. I hadn’t been in a really long time (months maybe?), and I thought I’d test out my foot walking on uneven ground. So far I’ve only been to the gym since it started hurting, and both the elliptical and the treadmill are flat. While it was a bit achy when I got home, that was it so I’m calling it a win. I iced it for a bit and it felt better after that.


It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a walk – the sun was out, there weren’t many clouds in the sky, and there was a breeze. Other people must have thought the same thing because there were a ton of other people and dogs out too. One of the things that I love about Bowmont is that because it’s so big and there are so many trails, even when there’s lots of people out, it doesn’t feel crowded like some other parks can feel. With the warm weather and rain we’ve gotten lately things are starting to green up and bloom. While most of the Crocus had already gone to seed, I came across two that were still blooming. And there were bright yellow Buffalo Bean blooming everywhere. It was so pretty.


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the stories I posted on Sunday morning on my walk at Bowmont. If you’re not following me, you can check out my profile here.

I decided to pick up some coffee for my parents at Tim Horton’s once I had finished my walk in Bowmont. I may have achieved favorite child status.

I cooked up some honey mustard pork chops for lunches this week. If they sound familiar, it’s because they are. I also made them last week for the first time and fell in love with the recipe. It’s super easy to make and so flavorful. If you’re looking for a new recipe to put into your rotation, try out this one.

I spent the rest of the day getting some blog stuff done and watching The Good Fight. I recently saw that it was available on Amazon Prime, and since I was such a huge fan of The Good Wife, I figured it was a pretty safe bet that I would like it. I was right and I think Christine Baranski is even better in The Good Fight than she was in The Good Wife. I didn’t think that was possible, but it is. They also brought back a bunch of character from The Good Wife which I thought was really fun.


I spent Monday morning at the gym getting in a quick workout.

Elliptical Workout

My foot was still feeling a bit achy from the day before, so I figured that I would keep my workout short and sweet, I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical doing some steady state cardio and then walked the track for 10 minutes for my cooldown. For some reason my heart rate took forever to come back down (longer than usual), so I just went with it and did a few extra laps of the track.

Gym Selfie

Despite the fact that it was a short workout, I was sufficiently sweaty and red faced by the time I was done. It definitely shouldn’t have been a tough workout, but for some reason it felt like it.

I spent most of the rest of the day doing some behind the scenes blog stuff that I had been putting off. I enjoy writing posts, editing photos, and creating graphics, but the maintenance stuff isn’t nearly as much fun for me, hence the putting it off.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Did you have Monday off too? 

Weekend in Review May 22 2018