Today I’m sharing a brand new workout playlist featuring some of my favorite 90’s dance music.

For anyone in their mid to late thirties like me, I’m willing to be that you grew up with some epic (both good and bad) dance music during the 90’s. I was born in the early 80’s, so by the time the dance music craze happened in the 90’s, I was all about it. Whenever I hear a song from that era it makes me think of grades six through eight. I have lots of memories from elementary school and junior high of these songs. It’s it crazy how many memories a song can bring back? I danced (not very well) to a lot of these songs at my very first dances.

I made this playlist a month or two ago and have been listening to it while I’m doing my cardio on the elliptical. There’s just something about listening to music that you used to love – no matter how long ago that was – that will always stay with you. I’m pretty sure I’ll always remember the words to Ice Ice Baby and Another Night. To check out all of my workout playlists, click here.

90's Dance Playlist 2

If you’re Canadian, you’ll remember the Much Music Dance Mix tapes and CD’s that they would release each year. They always had the hottest songs on them. I remember being so excited whenever I’d buy a new one. My absolute favorite one was Dance Mix ’95. I can’t be the only one who listened to those non-stop, can I?

Saturday Night is probably my favorite song on this playlist. I remember listening to it on repeat endlessly as a tween. C&C Music Factory performed Gonna Make You Sweat on a TV performance, and I remember thinking that it was such a great song. I even tried re-creating their dance from the performance with a few friends.

What’s your favorite 90’s dance song? Do you like listening to this kind of music while working out?

90’s Dance Playlist 2