Once again this week, I’ve been taking it easy on the workout front. Today is 14 days since I saw the doctor who told me to rest my foot for 2 weeks, so this morning I’ll be heading to the gym to try out the elliptical and see how my food feels. (If you’re not up to speed, you can check out the details on my foot in this post.) The most activity I’ve done are walks, so I’m hoping my food feels okay after using the elliptical. I’m hoping it turns out okay and I can get back to my normal workouts. Wish me luck! If all goes well this morning at the gym I’m going to start back with my cardio workouts this week.

While I knew that workouts were a part of keeping my stress levels down, these past two weeks have really shown me that. It’s been tough trying to keep the stress in check without being able to workout. I’ll definitely appreciate my workouts more once I can start doing them again!


Creamy sun dried tomato pasta

I once again made this creamy sun dried tomato pasta from Budget Bytes. I tried doubling it this time, and unfortunately it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. It was a bit too soupy, though it still tasted good. If you try making this pasta recipe, learn from me and don’t try to double it!

Stir Fry

Chicken, broccoli, onion, and peanut sauce stir fry

I had some of my absolute favorite peanut sauce in the freezer that I thought I’d use this week. I decided to make a stir fry, so I bought some chicken, broccoli, and an onion to add to the peanut sauce. I also made some brown rice to serve as the base. It turned out really good – definitely something that I would make again. It was also really easy to make, so that was a nice bonus.

Chocolate chip cookies

While it’s technically not a meal, I wanted to share that I also made a batch of my all time favorite chocolate chip cookies this week. Both Thursday and Friday were cold and rainy days, and I felt like I wanted to do some baking after work. I used my usual recipe, and they turned out great like usual.

What was your toughest workout from the past week? Favorite meal?

Weekly Workouts and Recipes May 6 to 12 2018