As usual for Fridays here on Get Fit Fiona, I’m sharing some of my favorites from the past week.

Friday Favorites

Another week is over and done! It’s hard to believe that it’s already Friday. I’m looking forward to having some extra time to take it easy over the weekend and spending some time with my boyfriend. And now onto my favorite things this week!

Spending time with friends

This week I got to spend some much needed time with two friends. One is a friend that I’ve had since I was a teen (we’ve known each other for 20 years now) and the other is a former co-worker that I’ve known for 10 years. They’re both really good friends who I haven’t seen in awhile, so it was great to catch up. I always feel so refreshed after getting together with them, so I’m so glad that I got to meet up with both of them this week. There were hugs and laughs and lots of good talking. Despite how infrequently we get together, we always manage to pick right back up where we left off. Gotta love friends like that!

My Fitness Pal

I’ve been making an extra effort to track my food in My Fitness Pal the last few weeks. While I might have done a day here and there before, I’m trying to get more consistent and doing it every single day. It helps to keep me accountable throughout the day with my eating, knowing that I’ll have to put it in. It’s also nice to keep an eye on my macros and calories. It’s so easy to check them in My Fitness Pal – so much easier than tracking my food in a notebook like I used to do.

I recently discovered the Recipes function on My Fitness Pal. Am I the last one to discover this? You can add recipes and save them, and then add just one serving of them to any meal. How easy is that? It’s so much easier than trying to estimate how much of that half cup of onion that you added to the recipe that you actually had on your place for one serving. If the recipe you used is available online, you can simply type in the URL, and My Fitness Pal will automatically upload all the ingredients for you. You simply have to double check the ingredients and servings, and you’re done. Seriously, it’s so easy, there’s no excuses for me not to be using it regularly.


I think I first discovered Spotify by in 2015 – and I felt like I was one of the last people to – and I’m still loving it. Lately I’ve been using it a lot on my Google Home Mini (which I also really love). My favorite playlists are Acoustic Covers and Deep Focus. The Deep Focus playlist is perfect for when I’m working on my blog and I want some music on, but not something that I’ll get distracted my. Since it’s nearly all instrumental music, it’s perfect. The Acoustic Covers playlist is perfect for when I’m getting ready in the morning. I also have Spotify on my phone and computer, so it’s almost always with me when I want to listen to something. Spotify also has podcasts available, and since I’m a huge fan of podcasts, it’s perfect. If somehow you haven’t tried it out, I highly recommend that you give it a try.

New curtains

I ordered some curtains for my room this week on Amazon, and installed them on Wednesday when I got home from work. I previously only just had blinds, and while they were great, they let in a lot of heat and light, even when they were closed. While I’ve only had the curtains for a few days now, I’m already loving them. They block out a ton of light during the day – and I’m hoping will help with how hot my room gets in the evenings during the summer months (it gets so miserable it’s hard to fall asleep). There’s also a street light across the street, and they block out most of that light too, which is perfect because I prefer it to be as dark as possible when I’m sleeping. I can’t be the only one like that, right?

I’m honestly not sure why I waited so long to get curtains. Since I have two windows in my room I needed 2 curtain rods and 4 rods. Between Amazon and Lowe’s I was able to get everything that I needed for just under $150, so it’s not like it was super expensive.

What was a favorite of yours this week?

Friday Favorites May 11 2018