Today I’m sharing an interval elliptical workout.

Happy Wednesday! It feels like this week is flying by. Before I know it, it’ll be Friday and the weekend. While I don’t have any exciting plans for Saturday and Sunday, I’m currently in the middle of a really good book – Final Girls (affiliate link) in case you’re wondering – so I’m looking forward to having some more time to read.

Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling the greatest this week. The pain medication for my foot has been causing me to have an upset stomach, which isn’t very fun. When I filled my prescription the pharmacist told me to take the meds with food to lessen the chance of it causing an upset stomach, so that’s what I’ve been doing, but it’s still been causing me some trouble. I’m hoping I start to feel back to normal soon. Does anyone have any suggestions to help?

Since it’s Wednesday, that means that I’ll be sharing a workout today. This week it’s an interval elliptical workout. I started out with a resistance of 1 for the warm up, and reaches a peak of 11. It then goes back down to a resistance of 3 for the cool down.

Elliptical Workout

Since this workout includes 5 minutes for both the warm up and cool down, you don’t have to do those separately, unless you want an extended warm up or cool down. While it might be tempting to skip the warm up and cool down, they’re actually really important parts of your workout. They prepare your body for exercise and then help your body return to normal after working hard, like lowering your heart rate and how hard you’re breathing.

This workout can also be done on the treadmill. Swap the resistance for the incline and you can do a walking incline workout instead. Your legs will definitely be feeling it with the incline.

What’s your favorite form of cardio?

I’m all about the elliptical – it’s definitely my favorite – even over the treadmill and bike. Most of the time with a good playlist an hour on the elliptical doesn’t feel like that long, but on the treadmill it’ll feel like forever.

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Elliptical Workout