In usual Friday fashion, today I’m sharing my Friday Favorites on the blog.

Friday Favorites

Did this week fly by for anyone else? While it did go by quick, it was also pretty productive for me. I got a ton of blog related work done after getting home from work, so that felt really good. I feel like over the past few weeks I’ve been better at prioritizing what I have to get done, and doing the things that will really grow my blog instead of just doing the stuff that I want to do and is more fun. It’s all about self-discipline, isn’t it?

As for the weekend I don’t really have much planned besides getting together with my boyfriend. I want to watch a couple episodes of the first season of Westworld. I was talking to my someone about what happened in season one, and I totally mis-remembered the very end. I don’t want to give it away for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, so I won’t give any more details. I figure if I can forget something big like that, I should probably re-watch season one before I start season two. Is anyone else planning on watching season two? I’m hoping it’s just as good as the first one.

Tomato Seedlings

Seedlings for the garden

It’s been a few weeks since I started the seeds indoors for the garden. I’m very happy to share that almost all the tomatoes germinated (I currently have 40-something little tomato plants). I’m not complaining though. I don’t think there’s ever a thing such as having too many fresh tomatoes. They’re the best when they’re picked the day after it rains, so that they’re extra juicy. I can’t wait for summer to come so I can eat some!

I also have a bunch of vegetables started as well – everything from butternut squash to watermelons. I even have some basil and strawberries that have germinated. I haven’t grown either of those from seed before, so I guess we’ll see how it goes. While it’ll still be another month and a half before it’s warm enough to plant anything outside, I’m very glad to have started them indoors. It almost feels like I have a bit of spring inside the house with all the seedlings.

Aveeno Cleanser

Aveeno Hydrating Gel Cleanser

I recieved a couple Aveeno products for review from Chick Advisor. While I’ve been a big fan of Aveeno moisturizer for a long time (it’s my go to during the winter when my skin needs extra moisture), so I was excited to try their gel cleanser. I’ve been using it for 2 or 3 weeks now and I’m really liking it.

The gel cleanser is fragrance free so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, but my skin also feels clean after I’ve washed my face and that all the makeup and dirt from the day was washed off. A little goes a long way, so you don’t need a lot to cover your entire face. It also didn’t dry out my face at all either. I struggle with dry skin on my face throughout the winter months, so it’s always something I’m aware of. If you also struggle with sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend Aveeno gel cleanser (affiliate link).

Southwest salad kit

I’ve bought a few southwest salad kits over the last few months, and they’ve been delicious. I decided that I should finally add them to one of my Friday Favorites post. They typically include greens, dressing, tortilla crisps, and cheese. The one that I bought this week had a spicy thousand island dressing and shredded monterey jack cheese included in it. These salad kits are always so delicious. If you’re like me and need salad to be a bit more exciting than just greens, be sure to look for one at your local grocery store. I find that I’m more likely to eat a salad if I have one of the kits in the fridge. It eliminates all of the hard work of figuring out what to add to my salad.

Sweet Relief Cookie

Sweet Relief Cookies

I know that I’ve mentioned Sweet Relief bakery on the blog before, but I just had to share this sugar cookie from them. I was downtown last Friday and stopped by to get something for my boyfriend. While I was there I decided to get a little something for myself too. This little chick cookie was delicious. Their cookies are always rich, so all you need is one. If you’re ever in downtown Calgary, Sweet Relief is definitely worth a visit to check it out. They also have cakes, cupcakes, chocolate covered Oreo’s, mini cheesecakes, and all kinds of other pastries. I can practically guarantee that you’ll find something there that you’ll like.

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Friday Favorites April 13 2018