Weekly Workouts



Elliptical Workout

Sunday I made it to the gym to do a steady state cardio workout on the elliptical. The first half of the workout felt like time was dragging, but the second half felt like it flew by. I don’t know how cardio manages to make workouts feel either really long or really short, but it does. My cool down was walking a few laps of the track.


Despite the weather that still feels like winter (I’m eagerly waiting for the snow to melt), I went for a walk at the park on Monday. Ironically I had a memory pop up on Facebook a few days ago of the same part 7 years ago. Everything was green and lush, the exact opposite of what it’s like right now.


I took Tuesday as a rest day.


I pressed snooze one too many times on Wednesday morning, so if I wanted to get a workout in I had to skip the gym and do a workout on YouTube. It actually turned out to be a great idea because I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done. I did a Fitness Blender workout, but of course now I can’t remember which one it was that I did. There’s some really great workouts on YouTube (as well as some less than stellar ones), but if you don’t have a gym membership and need some motivation, I’d check out YouTube.


Rest day.


My original plan was to go to the gym Friday morning first thing, but we had freezing drizzle overnight and then snow on top of it, and I figured an at home workout would be a better idea than trying to brave the slippery roads. Instead I did a Jessica Smith workout on YouTube.


My plan for today is to finally head to the gym again and do a group fitness class. I’m thinking I’m in the mood for either Zumba or Body Pump.




I used this recipe for inspiration, and then added a few more things that I thought would be tasty. In addition to the ground beef, these tacos also have black beans, onion, corn, tomatoes, green onion, and a great combination of spices. While it’s not too spicy, it does have a ton of flavor. I bought some corn tortillas to go with this meal, so it ended up being pretty tasty. I topped the tacos off with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. This was a super easy dish to make and the leftovers were really good too.

Chicken and apple sausages with bell peppers and onions

While I didn’t manage to snag any photos of this meal, it also turned out pretty good. I found some chicken and apple sausages on sale at the grocery store, so I figured I would use them as a base for a meal. Adding the bell peppers and onions to them was a no brainer. This was also an easy meal to take to work with me for lunches, so it worked out perfectly. I hadn’t made this dish in awhile so I think that’s why it tasted so good.

Beef Stroganoff

I feel like I make beef stroganoff a lot, but it’s so tasty and easy on the budget. I use this recipe and modify it a bit by adding mushrooms to make it go a bit further. I also make egg noodles to go with it, which are super easy to boil up while I’m cooking the stroganoff. The hardest part of this recipe is the chopping of onion and mushrooms. It’s really simple to make and great for those cold and snowy days that we’re still having here in Calgary (I’m definitely looking forward to spring though).

What was your favorite workout of the week? Favorite meal? Share about it in the comments below. 

Weekly Workouts and Recipes March 25 to 31 2018