Happy Friday! Another week is just about over. And it’s the last few days of March. It’s hard to believe that the first three months of 2018 are nearly over. Today I’m sharing my usual post on Fridays – my Friday Favorites. 

Friday Favorites

I hope that if you celebrate Easter you’ll be spending time with family and friends this weekend. We’re having a family Easter dinner on Sunday. I’m looking forward to the ham and scalloped potatoes.

I’m getting a 4 day weekend this weekend because of Easter (I get both Friday and Monday off), so I’m looking forward to getting a break and enjoying two short weeks back to back. I don’t even care that I’ll have no idea what day it is – it’ll be worth it.

Made by Marcus Oatmeal Cookie Dough Ice Cream

My boyfriend had raved about this Made by Marcus ice cream a couple weeks ago, and had me try some when I was at his place last weekend. I have to agree with him that the Oatmeal Cookie Dough flavor is pretty tasty. The cookie dough tastes just like oatmeal cookies and the ice cream has a hint of cinnamon. So good! I’m usually not a big fan of cinnamon, but for some reason it just worked in this ice cream. If you’re in Calgary, make sure you check out Made by Marcus – you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t make it down to their location on 17th Ave., I’ve been able to find both Made by Marcus ice cream and ice cream sandwiches at Sunterra.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Leave On Mask

I received Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Leave-on Mask (affiliate link) to review on Chick Advisor. While I don’t love everything that I’m sent to review from them, this one is definitely a winner. I use it a few times now and I put it on last after I’ve washed and moisturized my face. It absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. I generally try to use a mask a few times a week, so this one is perfect for those nights when I’m tired because I don’t have to wash it off so it takes less time than other ones. It also smells amazing.

In case you’re looking for some mask suggestions, I would also recommend the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask (affiliate link) and the L’Oreal Pure Clay Purify & Mattify Mask (affiliate link).

Cherry Chouffee Rouge Beer

If you like fruity beers like I do, this is one that I would highly recommend. I tried it for the first time last weekend and instantly liked it from the first sip. Be warned though, that it’s a bit sweet so it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking a beer. They’d be very easy to drink if you had a few of them. If fruity beer is your thing, what’s your favorite one? I’m always on the look for a new one to try. Bonus points if it’s available in Canada.

Has anyone else been eagerly awaiting the second season of Westworld? The trailer for the second season was released yesterday, and it looks so good! It starts on April 22nd, so I still have a few weeks to wait. They had some great music in the first season, and they used in instrumental version of Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana for the season 2 trailer. I admit, I had to watch it a few times to figure out what song it was. It was so familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. It was so perfect for the trailer though.

What was a favorite of yours from this week? Tell me about it in the comments below. 

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Friday Favorites March 30 2018