Friday Favorites

This was one of those weeks that went by all too fast, but I also got a ton of stuff done at the same time. I’m looking forward to the weekend and having a bit of down time. I even had a date night on the agenda with my boyfriend. Other than date night I don’t have anything else planned, so that’s kind of nice.

Green cider

St Patrick's Day green cider

On Saturday afternoon my dad, brother, and I went to our local neighborhood pub, The Last Straw, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and drink some green beer. I ended up ordering a green Magner’s cider. Magner’s is Irish so I thought it would be the perfect choice. I recently found out that The Last Straw is now on Skip the Dishes. I absolutely love their turkey, brie, and cranberry sandwich, so I have a feeling I’ll be ordering that on Skip sooner rather than later. Is there anything better than eating one of your favorite things while being able to watch Netflix at the same time?

L’Oreal Clay Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve ordered this shampoo and conditioner on Amazon a couple times now, and it’s becoming a favorite of mine. First off, L’Oreal Clay Shampoo and Conditioner (affiliate link) smell amazing. It’s now at the point that I actually look forward to using it in the shower because it smells so good. I find that it also adds a bit of volume to my rather thin and flat hair, which is always a bonus. That means that I can spend less time later on styling it and trying to add volume afterwards.

Re-reading the Harry Potter series

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I started re-reading the Harry Potter series back over Christmas and got through the first four books before I decided I wanted to read something that didn’t involve teen aged wizards and witches. A week or so ago I decided I was ready for more magic, so I started the fifth book in the series, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (affiliate link). Order of the Phoenix is my favorite of all seven of the Harry Potter books, so I’m really enjoying it. Even if you’ve seen the movies, I’d really recommend the books. There’s so much that don’t make it into the movies, and those are the things that make the Harry Potter world so cool.

I discovered Harry Potter later than most people, and I devoured the first four books before having to wait for Order of the Phoenix to be released in 2003. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to get my hands on it. There used to be an independent book store in downtown Calgary, and they decided to have a release party at midnight. They had all kinds of activities and things going on before midnight. Even the other stores and restaurants on the street got in the spirit. Pubs were serving butter beer and fire whiskey.

I remember getting on the train to head back home after the event was over and I’d gotten my book. Nearly everyone on the train had been on the event and it was almost silent because everyone was reading their books already. You could hear people turning the pages. It was a pretty cool experience to say the least.

Planting tomato seeds

Planting Tomato Seeds

I finally got my tomato seeds started inside this week! I usually like to do them in February so that they’re already a decent size when I can plant them outside at the beginning of June (I don’t trust the weather before that, even though the last frost date here is the end of May), but time got away from me this year. Oh well, at least they’ve been planted. Now to wait to see which varieties will germinate first! I planted 15 tomatoes and 5 different kinds. It’ll be interesting to see what does the best this year.

While it might seem like a lot of tomatoes to plant, we always manage to eat everything that we grow. And really, is there anything better than a tomato straight from the plant the day after it rains? They’re just so sweet and juicy! Grocery store tomatoes don’t even compare.

I also planted a butternut squash, an eggplant, and a watermelon. I have yet to get the squash and eggplant to germinate, so if they don’t sprout in a few weeks I’ll replace them with tomatoes. I thought I’d give them one more chance before I write them off forever. I tried planting the watermelon seeds directly outside last year, but they either didn’t have enough time to grow or they didn’t get enough sun. This year I’ll be sure to plant them in a sunny spot where they won’t be overshadowed by other plants.

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Friday Favorites March 23 2018