Today I’m sharing some of my favorite songs from the early 2000’s for a workout playlist. So many of these songs make me think of good memories that I have associated with them. 

This month’s workout playlist is made up of songs from the early 2000’s. Boy bands were just about done and The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga were just coming out. I graduated high school in 2001, so a lot of these songs remind me of finishing high school and my first few years of university. It’s kind of crazy to think how much life has changed since then!

2000's Workout Playlist

I was a huge fan of The OC back when it was on TV. A few friends and I would all get together for new episodes and watch them together. I ended up discovering so much great music from that TV show, including The Killers (I included Mr. Brightside on this playlist), Stars, Sufjan Stevens, and Modest Mouse. I with there were more shows that featured great music.

Since boy bands were still a thing in the early 2000’s, I of course had to add a couple of them to the playlist. I decided on Bye Bye Bye by Nsync and Everybody by The Backstreet Boys. Both bands make me think of high school when they were huge.

I also thought that it was appropriate to add songs by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as well, so I went with Toxic and Dirrty. I had almost forgotten that Jennifer Lopez used to sing (maybe she still does, I just haven’t heard about it lately), so I added If You Had My Love.

For more music ideas, check out my workout playlists here. I Have quite a collection over there if you’re ever in need of some song inspiration.

What are a few of your favorite songs from the 2000’s? I’ve love to hear what you were listening to back then.

2000’s Workout Playlist