As usual for Fridays here on GFF, I’m sharing some of my favorite things from the last week.

I’m hoping you all had a great week. Mine was a bit stressful on the work front, but the worst should be behind me now which I’m very grateful for. I’m looking forward to attending an info night for a yoga teacher training tonight that I’m considering doing. It’s a bit scary to be taking the step to find out more about it, but at the same time it’s really exciting. I’ll be sure to share how it went on the blog next week. I’m also excited about date night. Cooking up dinner and spending the night on the couch watching Netflix sounds perfect right now.

Friday Favorites

And now onto some of my favorites!

Havana by Pentatonix

I’ve heard Havana by Pentatonix a few times now and each time I’m so impressed with how good it is. If you like either Pentatonix or Havana, I would highly suggest that you check it out. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be singing along by the end of the song.

Spring fashion

While it still very much feels like winter here in Calgary (we till have snow covered residential streets and we got more snow yesterday), I’m definitely feeling all the new spring fashion. This dress (affiliate link) from Old Navy is super cute, as is this off the shoulder white top (affiliate link). I’m so ready for some springier colors and fewer layers. Winter typically means lots of layers because it’s so cold, so I’m ready for some cuter, lighter clothes in the (hopefully) near future.

Getting back in the yoga groove

It feels so incredibly good to be back doing yoga again on a regular basis. I forgot how good it feels not only being on the mat while doing it, but also afterwards. I tend to carry tension in my upper back and shoulders, and those two body parts always feel so good after I practice.

Single serve guacamole

Guacamole Friday Favorites March 16 2018

Since my boyfriend knows that I’m a huge fan of avocado, he ended up buying these little single serve containers of guacamole. They’re the perfect size and contain just 100 calories. Plus you don’t have to worry about the guacamole turning brown over time. It had actually been awhile since I’d last had guacamole, so it tasted extra good.

What’s a favorite of yours from the last week? Leave a comment below to share about it. 

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Friday Favorites March 16 2018