Weekly Workouts


I took a rest day to start off the week.


My plantar fasciitis is starting to make a comeback. I decided to take it really easy and did a 20 minute walk on the treadmill. It’s so easy to want to do more, but I end up paying for it later. Anyone who’s struggled with plantar fasciitis before knows how frustrating it can be. I’m on my feet while I’m at work, so I need to factor that into what I decide to do for workouts as well when I’m dealing with sore feet.


I decided to keep it low impact again and did a barre workout on YouTube. I really need to start bookmarking the workouts that I do on YouTube, because by the time I write up this post I never remember which one I did.


I decided to go a yoga practice at home on Wednesday. I started off with a few sun salutations. I then did some standing and seated postures before doing savasana for 5 minutes. Even when I practice at home, savasana is still my favorite posture.


I decided to go with another walk on the treadmill for my workout on Thursday. I ended up doing about 35 minutes at an incline. Those inclines are no joke! Even though I was only walking, I definitely felt it by the time I was done. I was breathing harder and I was sweaty.


My last workout for the week was another at home yoga practice. It was very similar to my practice earlier in the week. It feels so good to be doing yoga again on a regular basis. It’s always surprising to me how tight I get throughout the day and I don’t even notice it until I start doing yoga. I’ve been rolling out my back with a tennis ball against the wall before going to bed, and it’s been making a big difference.


I took a rest day.

What was a favorite workout of yours from last week?

Weekly Workouts March 4 to 10 2018