Today I’m sharing a recap of my life during February. 

How is it already the end of February? Granted, it’s a short month, but still. We’re nearly two months into 2018 already, when it feels like Christmas just happened. 2018 is flying by!

Snow and Cold weather

We’ve gotten a ton of snow and cold weather this winter. As in record amounts of snow in Calgary this month. Needless to say, it’s been depressing. It felt like as soon as the roads were half decent we got another big dump of snow. It was just hard. For someone who doesn’t really enjoy the winter months all that much, I’m more than ready for spring. I’m hoping that March will bring us some spring like weather. I’m very grateful that the end of winter is now in sight.

I’m working. 

Like I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, I’m working again. I’m so grateful! Having money coming in again is such a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m still looking for something in the fitness industry, which this job isn’t. Fitness and health is a huge passion of mine, and there’s where I feel like I’ll be the happiest working and making the biggest impact. If you could send me some good job searching vibes my way I would definitely appreciate them!


Back in December I found a promo code for Headspace, so I decided to sign up. I’d been using it sporatically before, but when I decided to pay for it is when I really got regular with my meditation. I’m currently on a fifty something day steak. Yep, that’s fifty-ish days that I’ve meditated every single day. If you had told me that I would have been capable of that, I would have said you were flat out wrong. Now I look forward to those 15 or 20 minutes each day when I can just stop and be. I’ve found that that mindfulness has spread to parts of my life beyond just those times when I’m meditating. I’m more mindful when I’m cooking, getting ready in the morning, and even at work. Instead of thinking of all the things that I need to do or what I’m going to make for dinner tomorrow, I’m more focused on what I’m doing right there in the moment.

I’ve been working on my blog. 

While you may not have noticed any big changes on my blog, I’m slowly but surely making my way through some changes on the back end. I recently created a brand new opt in freebie for my mailing list (which you should totally join!). The opt in freebie is a 17 page PDF workbook for figuring out your goals for the next year. I’m really proud of how it turned out. I’m also going to start selling some products soon, so be on the look out for that.

I finished my professional development credits.

The certification that I have requires me to complete a certain amount of professional development credits every two years. This month I finished the last of mine for 2018. I’m glad that they’re done now and I don’t have to worry about them again for awhile. I decided to do a couple nutrition webinars for my credits, and I’ve once again realized how much there is to know about nutrition and how much I don’t know. It’s such a complicated topic that changes depending on a client’s goals, health issues, and preferences. I’m more than happy to refer clients to Registered Dietitians who know a lot more than me and can give sound advice. Nutrition is one of those things where the more you learn about it, the less you know.

So many good books. 

My reading streak is alive and well. I’ve been lucky enough to read a bunch of great books so far in 2018, and that has continued into February. Ones that I finished this month included The Girl on the Train (affiliate link), A Secret Kept (affiliate link), and The Other Story (affiliate link). Both A Secret Kept and The Other Story are by the same author who I’ve really enjoyed in the last, so I was pretty sure that I’d like them. I’d heard lots of good things about The Girl on the Train, so I’m glad that I listened to the recommendations.

Share something in the comments below that you did in February. 

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Life Lately: February 2018