Weekly Workouts


Rest day.


Monday's Elliptical Workout

I started off with a 5 minute warm up on the bike before I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical. For my cool down I spent 10 minutes walking on the track. No matter how slow I try to go on the elliptical, I can never get my heart rate low enough, so that’s why I always walk the track afterwards.


Jessica Smith TV Workout

I wasn’t motivated enough to get myself to the gym on Tuesday, so I ended up doing a Jessica Smith workout on YouTube (this is the link to the one that I did). Sometimes you need some help in the motivation department when it comes to working out, and a workout on YouTube was just what I needed.


I ended up at the gym again today. I did my warm up and cool down on the track, and for my workout I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical. I was a sweaty mess by the time I finished on the elliptical, and it felt so good.


Rest day.


Fitness Blender Workout

My workout on Friday ended up being another YouTube workout, this time a Fitness Blender one. While I’ve never been to an actual kickboxing class, I always enjoy the kickboxing workouts that I’ve done online. I should probably try out a real class at some point. If you have any suggestions of great kickboxing classes in Calgary, let me know!


 Zumba Workout

Saturday’s workout was another one from Jessica Smith on YouTube. It was a cardio dance workout similar to Zumba which ended up being a lot of fun. I miss going to Zumba regularly, so I know that I’ll be doing this workout again.

What was your favorite workout from last week? Leave a comment telling me about it. I love hearing about the workouts other people are doing. 

Weekly Workouts January 28 to February 3 2018