I’m sharing some of my favorite things from the last week in today’s post.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun plans for the upcoming weekend. As for me, I have a professional development workshop on the books for Saturday morning. It’s specifically aimed at personal trainers and dealing with clients who have eating disorders. I’m excited to learn more as that’s not a topic that I’m all that familiar with as a trainer. It’s being held at a rec centre that I’ve somehow never been to before, so you can bet that I’ll be taking a peek around while I’m there. It’s a huge facility, so I’m curious to see what they have to offer.

On Sunday I’m looking forward to the Puppy Bowl and This Is Us. If somehow you’ve never heard about the Puppy Bowl, it’s aired before the Super Bowl and features puppies from shelters around the US “playing football” – a puppy has to have a toy in the end zone to score. It’s basically an excuse to watch puppy cuteness. My boyfriend told me that this year the assistant referee will be a sloth named Shirley. How adorable is that?

As for This Is Us, I’m really looking forward to the long awaited episode to find out what actually happened during the fire. While I’m sure it’ll be a sad episode, I’ll be happy to have some answers. Are you going to watch This Is Us?

Canadian Health Care

While the health care system in Canada definitely isn’t perfect, I’m so grateful that we have it. I have a family member going through some pretty serious stuff right now, and she’s been able to get in to see specialists pretty quickly (granted, she is pretty sick) and we’ve only had to pay for parking at the hospitals and prescriptions. Everyone she’s had appointments with has been awesome, helping to answer questions and making sure we have all the resources that we need. They’ve been willing to take their time with her even when it means going over her allotted appointment time. I can’t imagine going through this while thing also having to worry about how to pay for everything.

Coffee shops with wifi

Blogging at Second Cup

This week I got myself to a coffee shop to get some work done. I’m very grateful that blogging is something that I can do from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s amazing how much more work I can get done when I’m not at home and focused on work instead of at my desk with all kinds of distractions everywhere at the house. My productivity sky rockets! Plus I ordered my absolutely favorite hot drink – a white hot chocolate with whipped cream. It’s so delicious! If you’re in Canada and close to a Second Cup I highly recommend you give it a try.

Dirty Money on Netflix

I recently discovered Dirty Money on Netflix. I’ve been making my way through the episodes (I’ve watched 3 of 6 so far) and it’s absolutely shocking to me how people/corporations get away with so much. It’s hard to believe when someone claims to be innocent but they very clearly took steps to hide what they were doing. If you enjoy documentaries like I do, I highly recommend checking out Dirty Money.

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Smoothie

olthouse Farms Berry Boost Smoothie

While I don’t buy these very often and they’re definitely a splurge for me, it’s such a treat to drink one when I do get them. The Berry Boost one is definitely my favorite flavor. While it says smoothie on the label, I find it more like a juice because it’s not thick like a smoothie. It’s perfect for a snack between meals or when I’m craving something sweet.

Have any exciting plans for the weekend? What was a favorite of yours this week? Share in the comments below. 

Friday Favorites February 2 2018