Today I’m sharing my goals that I want to achieve in February.

February 2018 Goals

Get more comfortable doing videos.

I’ve been considering starting a YouTube channel down the road, because like I wrote here, I’ve been all about the videos lately. I’m enjoying consuming them more than I ever have before. Because of that I’d like to start creating them. One huge obstacle that I need to overcome is becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. I get really awkward and nervous. Of course I know that the more I do it the better I’ll get at it, but it’s just starting that’s so hard.

Read at night until I’m tired. 

Stack of books

While I’ve been reading before bed for years and years now, recently I’ve been cutting my reading short so that I can get in more sleep. I end up turning off the light before I’m tired, and I lay there in bed awake and frustrated that I’m not asleep yet. Instead of feeling like I have to fall sleep *now* to get in a certain amount of sleep, for February I’m going to try to let go and just read for as long as I need to until I’m tired. Stressing about sleep doesn’t actually help me fall asleep – shocking, I know.

Get back on track with the gym.

Gym Elliptical

Like I mentioned before, getting myself to the gym since Christmas has been a struggle. Every Sunday in February I’m committing to planning out my workouts for the week and having a plan for when I get to the gym. I think part of my problem is not having a plan, so I think making a schedule each week will really help to keep me accountable. The plan is to do two strength training days and 2 or 3 days of cardio.

Have at least 5 blog posts scheduled.


Before Christmas I had 5 or 6 blog posts scheduled and ready to go. It took a huge amount of pressure off of me to know that I didn’t have to scramble to get a post together for the next morning. Since the holidays however, I haven’t been keeping up and I’m only one post ahead. I’d like to change that during February and go back to having 5 posts scheduled. I feel like my posts are more put together when I’m ahead of the game.


Have any tips for doing videos? Share one of your goals for February in the comments below. 

February 2018 Goals

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