Winter Fashion Picks

1 Cozy Windowpane Scarf (affiliate link) I love the look of this scarf. Winter can be overwhelmingly dark when it comes to clothes, but the lightness of the scarf is perfect for around your face. I think it has kind of a classic look to it.

2 Floral Ruffle Top (affiliate link) I thought this top was really cute. Plus the three quarter length sleeves are my favorite. They keep me a bit warmer without getting in the way. I think the darker color is also great for the winter months.

3 Women’s Baublebar ‘Kew’ Crystal Collar Necklace (affiliate link) I think statement pieces of jewelry like this are so pretty. It will definitely add a little sparkle and charm to an otherwise “just okay” outfit. Sometimes it’s the accessories that really make an outfit. I can see myself using this piece a lot since it can go with so many different colors.

4 Red Belted Pencil Skirt with Side Slit (affiliate link) This shade of red is perfect for holiday parties. I can see someone wearing this on Mad Men, yet it’s modern enough to work for today. The slit on the side and the bow at the waist add some interest.

5 Nixon Watch (affiliate link) I love the look of this watch – so simple and a pretty color to boot. Once again, it’s a sleek, classic look that I think can go with so many different outfits.

6 Hadley Seude Boots (affiliate link) So cute for winter. Boots tend to get a bad rap, but these ones are the perfect neutral color to go with so much. The heel is just big enough to be cute without being too big and hard to walk in.

7 Italian Superloft Sweater Dress (affiliate link) I thought this dress was so cute when I was looking for one to add to this list. The long sleeves make it perfect for colder weather. It also looks comfortable. I love the silhouette it has as well.

8 Multicolor Knit Touque (or beanie for those of you who aren’t Canadian; affiliate link) Some days it’s just too cold to go outside without a hat. I’m generally not a hat person, but on those days when I have to wear a hat, I’d like it to also be cute, which can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to touques. I think this one is really pretty and feminine though.

9 Signet Flap Bag in Italian Leather (affiliate link) I’m been all about the crossbody bags the last few years. I’m hoping that this trend doesn’t go away any time soon because I love being able to have a cute bag but also have both hands free. This neutral color will go with about any outfit too, which means that it’ll get lots of use.

10 The Perfect Winter Boots (affiliate link) Unlike the other boots I have on this list, these ones are made for cold and snowy days. I have a pair of similar ones and I absolutely love them. It can be challenging to find something that’s both cute and functional, but I think that these ones fit the bill.

11 Classic Fit Wool Blend Floral Blazer (affiliate link) If you work in a professional environment, blazers are a must in terms of outfits. I like that this one is a bit different from the plain black ones with a blue and black floral pattern.

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What’s your favorite piece for winter?

Winter Fashion Picks