November 2017 Goals


Before I talk about my November goals, I’ll recap how my October goals went.

Log food in MyFitnessPal 5 days per week.

Although I only hat 5 days one week, I tracked 4 days the other 3 weeks, so I’m okay with that. I find that tracking my food regularly keeps me on track and within my calorie budget. It’s easy to let it get away from me, so entering food into MyFitnessPal helps to keep me accountable.

Attend 2 group fitness classes per week. 

I think I went to 2 or 3 the entire month, so I’m going to call this goal a massive fail. It was honestly a combination of a lack of motivation and an unpredictable work schedule. The motivation was there for workouts that I did on my own, but just not for the group fitness classes, which is weird, because it’s usually the opposite.

And now for my November goals (which I’ll hopefully be a bit more successful at).

7 hours of sleep 5 nights per week.

I’ve been struggling a lot with my sleep lately. Either I have a great night and get 8 hours, or I have a hard time falling asleep, wake up throughout the night, and can’t get back to sleep. It’s actually kind of nice to have my FitBit confirm that fact on mornings when I wake up and don’t feel very rested. I have some family stuff going on right now, so I know that the stress is contributing to my poor sleep.

My plan is to continue to do my nightly routine before going to bed (reading, meditation, etc.) and hopefully get a bit more consistent with it.

Practice self-care every single day. 

Like I mentioned above, my stress level is pretty high at the moment. I’m hoping that we’ll get a few more answers this week and then have a plan. I’m hoping that the plan will help to take away some of the stress. It’s so easy to go through entire days where I don’t do much for myself. But my goal for this month is to do some form of self-care each day. That might be taking the time to watch a favorite movie or going for a walk in my favorite park.

What are you goals for November? Leave a comment below telling me about one.

November 2017 Goals