Weekly Workouts

Sunday // I started off the week with my very first Body Pump-ish class. While it wasn’t officially Body Pump, there were barbells, steps, and songs that worked specific body parts. My gym calls it something else, but it was essentially Body Pump. I don’t know why it took me so long to try it. I’ve always thought that I would like it, but for some reason I just never took a class. I’m so glad that I finally did though, because I ended up loving it. I loved being able to get back into strength training for the first time in a long time. The music was great and kept the energy of the class high. The instructor was seriously amazing. Since it was my first class I talked to her a bit at the beginning, asking what I would need and she was very welcoming and showed me exactly what equipment I needed. She was also great at demonstrating more complicated moves and her cuing was right on. I’ll definitely be back to her class!

Monday // Apparently the weights I used for Sunday’s class were too heavy. I guess I wasn’t expecting as many reps and sets as there were, so I was pretty sore today. Think Frankenstein going up and down the stairs. Needless to say, I took Monday off and used it as a rest day.

Tuesday // I still sore again on Tuesday, so I took another rest day. Next time I’ll definitely be using lighter weights when I go to a Body Pump class!

Wednesday // I did an interval workout on the elliptical. As usual, the 30 minutes flew by. I spent about 10 minutes stretching before I left the gym. I’ve been feeling extra tight lately, so I’m trying to work on that a bit.

Walk Bow River

Thursday // I didn’t have time to get to the gym before work so I did an at home workout on YouTube. I went for a walk in my favorite park by the river once I was done at work. It’s an absolutely beautiful park that follows the river, so I was more than happy to enjoy it.

Friday // I spent my cardio session on Friday at the gym on the bike. Steady state cardio was on my schedule. It honestly felt kind of good to just zone out and pedal away.

Saturday // My plan this afternoon is to take another group fitness class. I haven’t decided which one yet.

Weekly Workouts October 1 to 7 2017