Welcome to another Friday Favorites post! Today I’m sharing my favorites from the last week.

Friday Favorites

Beef stroganoff leftovers // Over the weekend I made some and I’ve been eating the leftovers throughout the week. I’m pretty sure beef stroganoff tastes better the day after it was made. The recipe turned out to be seriously delicious. This is the recipe that I used. I changed it up a bit by adding a little extra sour cream for some added creaminess and also put in two cups of mushrooms. It’s not beef stroganoff without mushrooms, right? I know have this recipe bookmarked to print later because I know I’ll be using it again the next time I’m craving beef stroganoff.

Body Pump class // I know that I’ve already posted about this Body Pump class on Instagram (you can find my account here), but I wanted to write about it here too. If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, get yourself to a class! I don’t know why it took me so long to give it a try, but I’m so glad that I finally did. I can see now why people rave about it. In 60 minutes you get in an amazing full body strength training workout. The music was awesome and kept the energy high throughout the entire class – even towards the end when I was getting tired. The instructor was phenomenal – her cuing was right on and she brought a lot of positivity and enthusiasm to the class. I will definitely be back next week.

Walk in Baker Park

Fall weather // Fall is definitely here in Calgary. The air is cool and crisp in the mornings. The days are getting shorter. The leaves are changing color and falling. I went for a walk this week in one of my favorite parks by the river and it was just so pretty. Fall is my favorite season, so I love this time of year.

Stranger Things // Last summer, just like a lot of people, I got sucked into Stranger Things on Netflix. Now that the second season is coming out at the end of the month (which I’m super excited about), I’ve been re-watching it to remind myself of what happened. I have to admit that I think it’s better the second time around. I’m picking up on little things that I didn’t notice the first time around. If you haven’t watched the first season yet, I highly recommend it. I know there was a lot of hype around it, but Stranger Things definitely lives up to it.

A Secret Kept

A Secret Kept // I started this book on Wednesday while I was waiting for a family member to have some medical tests done. Since I was going to be in the waiting room for a few hours, I figured a book would be the best way to pass the time. Although I’m still reading It, I thought A Secret Kept (affiliate link) would be easier to bring to the hospital (It is almost 1200 pages and therefore weighs a ton. It’s also kind of awkward to hold while reading because it’s so big.) I’ve read Sarah’s Key (also by the same author) which I really liked, so I was looking forward to starting this one. It started off with an exciting event, so I was hooked after the first chapter. I’ll share my thoughts after I’ve finished reading it, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

What’s a favorite of yours from the last week?

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Friday Favorites October 6 2017