7 Years of Blogging

Today is a big day – I’ve been blogging at Get Fit Fiona for 7 years! I had a few blogs before this one (the one that lasted the longest was a beauty blog, which I sometimes think about reviving every once in awhile until I remember how much work one blog is, let alone two), but I’m so glad I ended up writing and blogging about health and fitness.

Old Get Fit Fiona Header

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging here for that long. Check out that blog header from when I first started blogging. Since I started Get Fit Fiona I’ve written over 1,100 posts, received the same number of comments, and have received countless email. I’m very glad that my website creation and design skills have improved since then. I’ve learned so much about everything from writing to code over the last few years.

It feels like the time has flown by. What started out as a place to be accountable as I started on my fitness journey, has now transformed into a little corner of the internet where I can share a bit of what I’ve learned after completing my Personal Trainer diploma. Of course I also share about my current fitness adventures too.

It’s kind of cool to look back to 2011 and see how much has changed. I’ve gone back to school and graduated for the second time with a diploma in personal training. I’m dating an absolutely incredible guy. I’m looking for my first job in the fitness industry.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite posts:




I can’t write a blogging anniversary post without of course thanking all of my wonderful readers. You guys are what make blogging so much fun. Sharing my journey, highlights, and every once in awhile low lights while having you along for the ride is what makes blogging fun for me. Reading your support, encouragement, and similar experiences in the comments and in emails is what a community is all about.

7 Years of Blogging