Happy Friday! This week has felt extra long so I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead.

This morning I’m going to Social Media Breakfast. This month it’s being held at Bank and Baron, an upscale up in the heart of downtown Calgary. My boyfriend and I had eaten there outside on the patio a few summers ago, so I’m excited to actually go inside this time. Then tonight I bought a ticket for sneak peak night at Etsy Made in Calgary. I went last year with a friend and had a ton of fun. I found a few Christmas gifts and then we had dinner together at one of the food trucks that came to the event. This time I’ll be going on my own, but I’m still hoping to find some Christmas gifts. There’s so many cool and unique things there that I know I won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The rest of my weekend is pretty open, which I’m definitely going to enjoy. While I know that there will be some time spent doing some work around the house and with my boyfriend, I’m looking forward to a laid back could days.

And now onto my Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

Documentaries on Netflix // Apparently I’ve been in a documentary mood when I’ve been watching Netflix – I think it’s been just about the only thing I’ve been watching. I recommend Heroin(e) and Banking on Bitcoin. Heroin(e) was an easy one to decide to watch because I used to work in the mental health/addictions field. Banking on Bitcoin was just an interesting topic. I definitely learned a lot – everything from the beginnings of Bitcoin to where it is now.


Beautiful sunsets // On Wednesday morning I was treated to the gorgeous sunset. It’s so worth getting up early to see the shows like this that mother nature puts on.

Space heater // We’ve had a few colder days her in Calgary this week – both yesterday and today we’ve even had snow. I came home from work yesterday (I work outside and it was cold and wet) and just couldn’t warm up. I ended up pulling my space heater out of storage and fired it up. After half an hour I was feeling finally feeling warm. I have a feeling that I’ll be using it more as the fall turns into winter.

Fitbit Charge 2 Strap

Replacement FitBit strap // Over the last month or so the strap on my FitBit Charge 2 (check out my reveiw here) has been slowly but surely going. The strap that was attached to the bottom of it eventually completely broke earlier this week. As a result, I haven’t been wearing my FitFit for the last few days. Thankfully my replacement straps arrived yesterday and I’ve been wearing it again. It actually felt kind of strange not having it. I’m so used to always having it on and checking my steps throughout the day. I’m very glad that I have it back now.

What was a favorite of yours from the last week? 

Friday Favorites September 22 2017

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  • September 22, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    What a beautiful sunset :)

    I’m totally going to watch a documentary tonight – thanks for the inspo! Have a great Friday!

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