Happy Friday! I’m glad that another week is done and the weekend is here. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I’ll be going to my first Babes Who Brunch. Along with 50 other women, I’ll be networking, eating brunch, and drinking mimosas at Market. Although it’s my first time going (and I’ll be going by myself), I’ve heard lots of good things about it, so I’m pretty excited. I bought my tickets a month ago, so I’m glad that it’s finally here.

Friday Favorites

The fall weather has arrived // We’ve had a hot, dry summer here in Calgary this year. This week has started to feel like fall though, even though it doesn’t officially begin until next week. It’s been cooler and rainy and I have to admit that I love it. Fall is definitely my favorite season so I’m looking forward to falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and warm blankets. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and Canadian Thanksgiving is less than a month away. I made my first hot chocolate of fall this week and it was delicious. I’m looking forward to many more the next couple months.

Beans from the Garden

Beans from the garden // Since I knew that the temperature was going to get down to 0 C or 32 F Thursday night, I decided to pick everything that was left in the garden. While that meant that I now have a lot of green tomatoes waiting to ripen in the kitchen, I also picked the zucchinis and beans. Aren’t these beans the coolest colors? They must have been that color when I planted them in the spring, but I’ve obviously forgotten. I shucked all the beans in the garden, and I now have about 3 cups to use. I’m thinking that they’d be good in chili.

Fila Royalty 2 Shoes

New Fila Royalty 2 shoes // I ordered some new shoes a few weeks ago from Zulily, where I got a really great deal on them. I’ve worn them to the gym a few times now, and so far I’m pretty happy with them. Once I wear them some more I’ll share a review on the Fila Women’s Royalty 2 (affiliate link).

Mini family reunions // On Sunday a cousin of my mom’s (that makes her my first cousin once removed) and her husband from North Carolina were in Calgary for the beginning of a trip through western Canada and the west coast of both Canada and the US. I met them as a kid at  family reunions, but I was too little at the time to remember them. Most of my family on my maternal grandmother’s side is from North Carolina. I’ve been there a few times to visit when I was little, but like I mentioned, I was pretty small the last time we were there.

My family met them at their hotel in downtown Calgary and we went out for dinner at Saltlik. I’d never eaten there before, but the Chicken Pasta I ordered was so good. It was great to spend some time with them and catch up. Hearing stories about my mom, and aunt spending their summers in North Carolina with their aunts, uncles, and cousins was a lot of fun (my mom and aunt grew up in New Jersey). My cousin once removed and her husband had some serious southern accents and it was actually kind of funny that there were a few words that I didn’t understand the first time around.

I’d love to spend some time in North Carolina some time soon and meet (or re-meet since I’ve already met) some of my relatives. Even getting to see where my grandmother, her siblings, and my great grandparents lived would be pretty cool. Apparently the house and some of the land that my great grandparents owned is now a highway.

Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream // Village Ice Cream Calgary has the most amazing ice cream shop. Village has the most amazing ice cream that I’ve ever tasted. The downtown location is always busy. I stopped by with my dad and brother on Sunday at 9:30, and as you can see it was the place to be. Thankfully the line moved quickly and within 10 minutes we had out ice cream. I went with salty malty pretzel – think vanilla ice cream with pretzels in it – so delicious!

One more thing before I end this – Saturday is National Guacamole Day! I hope you’ll be able to celebrate with some delicious guacamole tomorrow.

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Friday Favorites September 15 2017

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