Today I’m sharing my goals for September.

September 2017 Goals

Before I hop into September’s goals, I thought I’d recap how my August goals went first.

Get 7 hours of sleep each night // While I didn’t get 7 hours each and every night in August, on average I think I did pretty good. My Fitbit Charge 2 calculates how many hours of sleep I get each night, as well as an average for each week. For the 4 weeks of August my weekly averages were 7h 18 m, 7h 11 m, 7h 36m, and 7h 14m. Because I knew that this was a goal of mine for the month, I made an extra effort to go to bed at an earlier time that I would have otherwise.

Study for CSEP exam // While I definitely did get a lot of studying done, I was hoping to get even more done than I did. It’s a slower process than I thought it would be, with more material to cover than I was expecting. I’m not going to lie, it was a bit frustrating. I still have a considerable amount of studying in my future, but I’ve already gotten a lot of it done over the last few weeks.

And now onto September’s goals.

Log food in My Fitness Pal 5 days per week // To be completely honest, my eating hasn’t been fantastic the last few weeks. It hasn’t been horrible, but it could still use some work. Just knowing that I’ll be putting all my food into My Fitness Pal helps me to make better choices, so I’m committing to doing it 5 days each week in September.

Do my bedtime routine each night in September // I’ve found that when I take time to relax and decompress from the day, I’m much more likely to sleep better. Surprisingly, it’s relatively simple things that help me do that. Rolling out my back with a tennis ball really helps with tension – which I usually end up focusing on when I’m in bed trying to fall sleep. Realizing how tight my back and shoulders are is not conducive to falling asleep. Using the Headspace app to help slow down my mind has also been super helpful. Guided meditations have always been really helpful for me when dealing with anxiety in the past. Lastly, reading is also something that helps me to sleep. I recently started reading It, so I have lots to read (it’s nearly 1200 pages, and I’m only 150 pages in so far).

What’s one goal you’ll be working towards in September? 

September 2017 Goals