Today I’m sharing some basic gym etiquette 101 tips. Going to the gym can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know some of the unwritten rules. Hopefully this post will help.

Gym Etiquette 101

Find an out of the way spot // I think everyone has seen the person who insists on doing bicep curls in front of the rack of dumbbells, or even in the squat rack. It’s annoying. Grab your weights and find a spot that’s not in front of equipment other people or trying to get to or use if you don’t need to be there.

Don’t hog a bunch of equipment // No, you don’t need a treadmill, squat rack, and bench all at once. All three of those are popular pieces of equipment, and there’s no way you can use them all at once. Be courteous and only use one at a time.

Put equipment back when you’re done with it // Unload the bar after your squats and put the plates back to where you got them. Put the dumbbells back on the rack in the correct spot. Don’t leave your mat on the floor, hang it back up. The gym can already be a bit of an obstacle course, there’s no need to make it worse with equipment that hasn’t been put back.

Be mindful of your phone // This goes from taking phone calls while on equipment to selfies in change rooms. Some gyms won’t allow phone calls at all while in the workout areas, while others allow them in designated areas only. As for selfies, your best bet is to take them when you’re not in the change room.

Time limits for cardio equipment // If you’re an early morning or after work exerciser, you’ll know that those are two times when the cardio equipment is in high demand. Stick to the time limits for cardio equipment, so that everyone has a chance to use it. Instead of going for time, add intervals to your workout so you have to put in extra effort without going over the time limit.

Wear clean clothes // There’s no reason not to wear clean clothes to the gym. Clothes that have already been through a workout (or three) smell like it. Don’t do that to your fellow gym goers. Make sure you’re wearing fresh clothes for each workout.

Wipe down equipment when you’re done with it // This applies to everything from bikes to benches. Gyms provide wipes for a reason, be sure to use them. No one wants to workout in anyone else’s sweat. Yuck.

Arrive early for group fitness // Get your favorite spot and gather the equipment if you’ll need it for the class. Mention to the instructor if you have any injuries or issues that she or he should be aware of. If you’re five minutes late it’s hard to do any of those things. Some gym won’t let you in at all after class has started.

Wear appropriate clothing // Make sure the clothes that you’re wearing for each workout cover you. No one wants to be flashed at the gym, even if it’s accidentally. If in doubt, it’s probably a good idea to do with something with a bit more coverage.

Ask questions // Lastly, if you’re not sure about something, ask. Whether that’s if a piece of equipment is being used or gym guidelines.

Do you have any other gym etiquette tips? Leave them in the comments. 

Gym Etiquette 101