As usual for Saturday, today I’m sharing my workouts from the last week. Unfortunately I didn’t get in as many workouts as I would have liked. 

Weekly Workouts

Sunday //As usual for my Sunday workouts I spent two hours volunteering with soccer. Tomorrow is our last session until September, so I’m a little bummed out that it’s ending so soon. It’s so much fun to be out there with the kids. Plus I get to be surrounded by soccer which is also pretty awesome.

Elliptical Workout

Monday // My workout on Monday was spending 45 minutes on the elliptical at the gym. Whenever I’m working out I need to be listening to something, whether it’s music or a podcast. It makes the time go my faster, especially if I’m doing cardio. On Monday I listened to Lore. The episodes are relatively short so I got through two of them.

Tuesday // My back started bothering me again, so I decided to take a rest day. Seriously, I’m so ready for my back to feel like normal again. When it’s bad it’s pretty miserable, so that’s why I’m being so cautious.

Wednesday // Rest day.

Thursday // Rest day.

Friday // Another rest day. Ugh. I was really hoping that I ‘d be able to get to the gym on Friday, but it just didn’t happen. My back wasn’t feeling much better and I didn’t want to push it. Injuries are the worst.

Saturday // My plan for today is to take a Zumba class at my gym. My back is feeling better, so I’m hoping it’ll go alright. It’s been a long time – over a year – since I last took a Zumba class, so I’m really looking forward to it. There’s just something about the music and the energy in the room that makes classes fly by – no matter who’s class I’m taking.

Weekly Workouts July 23 to 29 2017