Anyone else grateful that it’s now the weekend? After a date night last night I’m feeling pretty relaxed. I hope that feeling lasts the entire weekend! It’s Saturday so that means that I’ll be posting a recap of my workouts over the past week.

Weekly Workouts

Sunday // As usual I spent my Sunday afternoon helping out at soccer. This week we focused on shooting drills, which the kids were super excited about. I mean who doesn’t like scoring? We then played a game which was also pretty fun.


Monday // I started off my week by heading to the gym to do 45 minutes of steady state cardio on the elliptical. Fun fact: I used to hate the elliptical, but I now think that it’s one of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment at the gym.

Tuesday // I took a rest day on Tuesday. My back was starting to bug me and I didn’t want to make it any worse. If you’ve been a reader for awhile you’ll remember that my back has caused me trouble before. Even being medicated my back was painful and it was hard to move. It’s always miserable when it happens, so I wanted to be very careful. Rest days are way better than having a painful back.


Wednesday // I spent 35 minutes on the bike at the gym. I managed to get my heart rate up higher than I usually do when I’m cycling so I was happy with that.

Thursday // My back was still sore, so I used Thursday as another rest day. I figured it wasn’t worth the risk of potentially making it worse and being miserable.

Friday // My back was feeling a bit better when I work up so I decided to do some gentle yoga at home. I’m not sure if I’ve done yoga first thing in the morning before, but it felt pretty darn good. It’s definitely something I want to do again – it’s such a great way to wake up!

Saturday // This morning my back was finally feeling pain free and like normal, so I decided on a YouTube workout. I did this video from Jessica Smith.  If you’re looking for online workouts that use next to no equipment, Jessica’s YouTube channel is great.

Weekly Workouts July 16 to 22 2017