It’s Saturday morning so that means that it’s time for a Weekly Workouts post here on GFF. I recap my workouts from the last week. I love hearing what other people are doing at the gym, so I share mine too.

Weekly Workouts

Sunday // As usual, my first workout of the week was while volunteering with soccer. Although I’m not really playing, but more gathering balls, moving cones, and keeping up the kids, it’s still a great workout.  It was hot out, but there was a breeze which made it tolerable to be out there for two hours.


Monday // I ended up turning my alarm off when it started beeping and going back to sleep because I didn’t sleep very well the night before. As a result, Monday became a rest day.

Tuesday // I decided to skip the gym and instead do an at home workout. Fitness Blender came to the rescue and I did this one for a 35 minute workout.


Wednesday // I made it to the gym on Wednesday and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical. I had made a new playlist a day or two before, so the 45 minutes flew by because I had new music to listen to. Music is such a motivating thing for me during workouts. If I happen to forget my ipod that workout will almost always be off.

Thursday // When I got to the gym I decided that it was going to be a bike day. I spent 40 minutes pedaling away and getting sweaty. Why is it I always feel like I’m working harder on the bike than on the elliptical, but I always burn less calories?

Friday // I decided to take the day off and sleep in. The 6:30 alarm to get up for work somehow seems like hours later than the the 4:45 alarm to get to the gym in time before work, even though it’s only an hour and 45 minute difference.

Saturday // The plan is to head to the gym this morning and spend some time on either the elliptical or the bike, I haven’t decided which yet.

What was your favorite workout of the week?

Weekly Workouts July 9 to 15 2017