New gym // Since I finished school the last week of June, I knew it was time to join a new gym. I knew that I wanted to join one closer to home than (max 10 minute drive). I ended up deciding on the YMCA by my house. I’ve been working out there for close to two weeks now and I’m happy with my choice. The community is great and it’s open early enough that I can get in a workout before heading to work.

Under Armor Gym Bag

New gym bag // Last week I ordered a new gym bag online. After a lot of looking online, I decided on Under Armor’s The Works Gym Bag 2.0 (affiliate link). While I would have liked a brighter color, I thought this one was still pretty cute and the perfect size. It’s big enough to fit everything in it, but also small enough to not feel huge when I’m carrying it.

Amazon Prime Video // I recently signed up for Amazon Prime, and I’ve been enjoying the Prime Video that comes along with membership. Although the Canadian version doesn’t have nearly as much content as the American one (boo!), I have found a few things to watch, including Start Up, Flash and Bone, and Unsolved Mysteries (yes, the series from the 80’s). Does anyone else remember watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid and then being scared to go to bed? Between the murders, ghosts, and missing people, it’s no wonder!

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

A Hundred Summers // I started this book earlier in the week. I decided to buy it after I saw Julie feature it on her 10 Books to Read this Summer post.  I’ve read a couple books before that Julie had recommended, so I figured I was safe buying A Hundred Summers (affiliate link). So far I’m about a third of the way through and really enjoying it. Although I wasn’t sold until I was a few chapters end, I’m finding it hard to put down now.

New phone // My phone ended up dying a week ago. Considering that it was three and a half years old, slow and acting up, I figured the end was near. Thankfully I was able to get phone numbers off of it before it finally bit the dust. When I went after work to get my new one, the lady at the store laughed when I told her I was replacing my S4. To put it into perspective, I upgraded to the S8 – the same phone but 4 versions newer! I’m pretty excited to be able to download apps that wouldn’t work on my old phone. Have any suggestions for any fitness/wellness related ones I should check out?

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Friday Favorites July 14 2017

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites July 14 2017

  • July 14, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    The ruching on that gym bag is perfection……soooo pretty. Great pick!

  • July 16, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    I like that new gym bag – super cute! I have an Adidas one that I love but I want to get a second bag too – use one for the everyday gym stuff and one for my swim stuff.

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