Happy Friday! Is anyone else glad that this week is over? I had some care trouble on Wednesday. I left work to walk out to my car to find one of my tires completely flat. I ended up having to put the spare on and make my way to a tire place. Apparently it was quite the hole because they weren’t able to patch it so instead I got the entire tire replaced. On the bright side I’m very grateful that it happened this week instead of next week when I have finals.

As usual today I’ll be sharing some of my Friday favorites.

Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm

I’m always on the hunt for some great lip balm. I found this one not too long ago and started using it recently. I’m one of those people who can’t stand to have dry lips – I’m constantly reapplying lip balm. This one works pretty good and keeps my lips feeling moisturized. I’d definitely buy it again.

Fallen Timber Meadery Meadjito

Last weekend my boyfriend introduced my to Fallen Timber’s Meadjito. I already love their mead, so I was excited to they this out. It didn’t disappoint and turned out to be amazing! If you’re in Alberta and manage to find a bottle, get it! It’s perfect for a hot summer day.

 Social Media Breakfast 89

This morning I attended Social Media Breakfast. Once a month Calgary’s social media people get together at a different venue to discuss something social media related. This morning’s topic was using social media during a crisis. To give you some background, this week was the 4 year anniversary of the southern Alberta floods, which were absolutely devastating. Entire neighborhoods in Calgary were affected and as a result had to be evacuated. 75,000 people ended up having to leave their homes. The panelists at Social Media Breakfast were great and had some really interesting things to say.

Garden Peony

Right now the peonies in the garden are in full bloom. They’re so pretty.

What was a favorite of yours from the last week? Leave a comment below about it. 

Friday Favorites June 23 2017