Happy Friday! How is it already June? It feels like it was Valentine’s day just last week. The weather this week has been beautiful, so I’m looking forward to some more sunshine in June. Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds this week.

Spark by John Ratey

I finally finished reading Spark by John Ratey (affiliate link). If you’re at all interested in how physical activity can affect your brain (everything from anxiety to aging) then I highly suggest you check it out. It’s written by a doctor who makes the different parts of the brain, nuerotransmitters, and hormones easy to understand. There’s definitely a lot of science but I didn’t have any problems following what he was saying.

Vegetable Lasagna

My dad picked up this vegetable lasagna for me the last time that he was at the farmer’s market. The meat was replaced by eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, and mushrooms. It was really good and I think I’m going to pick up another one the next time I’m there. It was my first time trying a vegetable lasagna, and it was better than I was expecting.

WordCamp YYC

Last weekend I was able to attend WordCamp Calgary. It’s an annual conference where we talk about all things WordPress (it’s what I use to create my blog). I’ve gone the last few years, and I have to admit that this year was probably my favorite so far. I ended up sitting with a great group of women, most of who all run their own business and use WordPress in some way. We’ve connected on Facebook and we’re looking at getting together for coffee or a beer later this summer.

Nivea Orange and Care Body Wash

I picked this Nivea Care and Orange body wash (affiliate link) this week, and I have to say that I’ve really been enjoying it. The scent is amazing and I swear my skin is feeling more moisturized. This is definitely something that I’ll be buying again.

 Sriracha Nut and Seed Mix

My brother actually picked out these sriracha nut and seed mix at another farmer’s market that we went to together. I’m usually not a big fan of spicy things, but these had just the right amount of heat. They were better than I was expecting.

Leave a comment below with a favorite of yours from the last week. 

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Friday Favorites June 2 2017

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