This week is flying by so far. Today I have my first classes for both Business Management and Marketing and Psychology of Exercise. I’d love to start my own business when I graduate, so I’m looking forward to the business class. I’m hoping to learn a lot of practical things that can help me get started. I have a background in psychology (a degree in addictions counselling), so I’m excited about the psychology class too. So much of working out is all in your head.

Today I’m sharing about how my goals for April went, my goals for May, and a recap of some of my favorite posts from April.

May Goals

April goals

Consistent morning workouts // Other than the first week of April when I was writing finals, I was pretty good at this goal throughout April. I got in at least two morning workouts for the other three weeks of the month. I’m much more likely to workout when I do it in the morning, as opposed to waiting until later in the day. It’s too easy to keep putting it off until later, when before I know it the day is over.

Incorporate more flexibility into my workouts // While I was working out more consistently in the mornings, unfortunately I wasn’t so good at adding in flexibility. I remember adding some extra flexibility to a few workouts, but it definitely wasn’t as much as I wanted.

May goals

One group fitness class per week // Since I’ll be becoming a group fitness instructor in the next month or two, I want to start attending more classes. Not only are classes a great workout (I always end up pushing myself harder than I would if I were working out on my own), but it’ll also be a good opportunity to see how other group fitness instructors lead their classes. There’s so many different styles when it comes to group exercise, I’d love to take the best of all the instructors that I enjoy and use those skills in my classes.

Go to bed earlier // For the last week or so I’ve really been trying to go to bed earlier. While it’s definitely tough some nights, other nights it’s been easier than I was expecting. As a result of an earlier bedtime I’ve been getting more sleep which has felt amazing! I guess I didn’t realize what a huge different it makes in how I feel.

April highlights on Get Fit Fiona 

Lastly, I wanted to share of my favorite posts from April. I didn’t post quite as much as I wanted because of studying for finals, but I did get some good posts up.

Lower Body Workout

What are your goals for May? Leave a comment below telling me about one. 

May 2017 Goals