Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn

Boom Chicka Pop // So it turns out that this popcorn is delicious. I’d heard from others that it was amazing, but for some reason I doubted how tasty it actually was. I can now confirm that it is indeed as good as everyone says  that it is. Unfortunately it’s not safe in the house with me, as this entire bag was gone in 48 hours. As a result I haven’t bought anymore. I think it’ll be more of a special occasion treat.

Love in the Dark by Adele // This is still one of my favorite songs from Adele’s 25 album. It’s so sad and moody, and Adele’s voice is just perfect for it. I’ve been listening to it on repeat quite a bit this week. It makes me think back to the concert last summer.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Mediterranean Salad with Chickpeas // I was browsing Pinterest this week when I found this recipe for a delicious sounding salad. It turned out being delicious. I’m planning on making it again with a few tweaks. It’s hard to go wrong with a colorful salad that has chickpeas for some added protein and texture.

Spark by John Ratey

Spark by John Ratey // This book kept being recommended to me. I got it a few months ago and finally started reading it this week. While I’m not very far yet, I’m really enjoying it. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re at all interested in how exercise affects the brain. Spoiler: it’s good for you on so many levels!

Rekorderlig Apple Cider

Rekorderlig Spiced Apple Cider // I’m a huge fan of apple cider. I discovered this one a few months ago, and it’s quickly become my favorite. I’ve tried other Rekorderlig ciders (they’re all delicious), but there’s something about this one that tastes better. Maybe it’s the added spices?

What’s one of your favorites from the past week? Share it with me in the comments. 

Friday Favorites – February 24 2017