One of the perks about having my own little corner of the internet is being able to write about things that I’m passionate about and care about. On this blog it’s fitness most of the time. But today I’m writing about something different – my local community.

Symons Valley Farmer's Market

My morning routine typically involves eating breakfast while watching the morning news. This morning started off as usual until I turned on the TV. I heard that the Symons Valley Ranch was on fire. To be honest the first few times that I heard it, it didn’t quite sink in. I kept trying to figure out what other Symons Valley Ranch they could be talking about, because the one that houses the farmer’s market that I go to couldn’t possibly be the one that they were talking about.

Once the anchor talked about it a bit more I realized that they were talking about the building that houses the farmer’s market. I’m usually there a few times a month picking up curry, bagels, veggies, and bread. It’s been devastating thinking about all the vendors that now don’t have a place to call home.

There’s not much that I can do right now, but I can use this blog post to share how to support these vendors through this incredibly tough time. See the list below to find out other locations that you can some of the find vendors. Go out and support them. These small businesses are what makes the farmer’s market a community. Small business are the backbone of Calgary. Let’s show them how much we value them.

Mom’s Happy Kitchen // If you’ve ever walked past Arce’s booth he’s asked you if you want to try a sample. It’s nearly impossible to not be drawn into how friendly he is. My favorites are his yellow curry with chicken and pork spring rolls (made from his mom’s secret recipe). My mom loves his shrimp salad rolls. My dad loves his dips (the bacon one is his favorite). He also has a booth at the Market on McLeod. In addition he’s also opening a brand new restaurant.

Phil and Sebastian // My dad first discovered his now favorite coffee at Diner Deluxe. When he found out that they had a booth at the farmer’s market he was pretty excited. Whenever we went he’d have to go get a cup of coffee before we did anything else. Phil and Seb also have locations at Chinook mall, downtown on Stephen Ave, and the Simmons Building in the East Village.

Rustic Sourdough Bakery // It’s tough to walk by Rustic’s booth at the farmer’s market because you’re drawn in by their cakes and cookies. They also have quite a large variety of breads as well. My favorites are their 7 grain and sourdough breads. They also have killer cinnamon buns. You can check out Rustic Sourrdough at their location on 17th Ave.

Shirley’s Greenhouses // They have some of the best tomatoes. They’re so much better than the ones at the grocery store – they actually taste like tomatoes. Over the years I’ve also bought cucumbers, radishes, zucchinis, and peppers from them, and they’ve all been delicious. You can check them out on Facebook.

Wayne’s Bagels // Wayne’s has the best bagels in Calgary. They’re the Montreal ones so they have a little bit of sweetness to them. The poppy seed ones are my favorite. They also made some pretty amazing bagel, egg, back bacon, and cheese sandwiches so delicious! You can find them at the Calgary Farmer’s Market just off Blackfoot.

What’s your favorite small business to support?

Symons Valley Ranch Farmer’s Market