Good morning! Is anyone else surprised that it’s already Wednesday? This week is flying by. I only have one class today (yes!) and we’re in the gym today. We’re going to be giving wheelchair basketball a try. I’m super excited because it’s a sport I have yet to try.

Anyways, I thought that today I’d share some of my favorite YouTube channels for workouts. So far I haven’t bought a membership to the gym at school because I’m trying to same a little money. That means that I’ve been doing workout at home. It can be tough to come up with motivation sometimes when there’s a million other things that I could be doing instead of working out. That’s why I like doing workouts on YouTube. It keeps me interested and I somehow feel accountable to finish once I start.

Jessica Smith TV // Jessica has a ton of workouts on YouTube, everything from low impact walking to kick boxing. I love that her videos require minimal equipment, so they’re super easy to do at home. In addition they range in time from as little 10 minutes to 40 minutes – perfect for customizing to exactly how much time you have. She also have quite a few different kinds of workouts – from low impact walking for beginners to HIIT and barre workouts. You’re almost guaranteed to find something that you’ll like. She’s great at cuing and ensuring that you have proper form. You can find her YouTube channel here.

Sarah Fit // I love Sarah’s videos because they’re short and sweet. Shes doesn’t necessarily take you through each rep, but does show you each move with goof form and modifications. Once you’ve gone through a workout you can repeat it to create longer workouts. You can find Sarah on YouTube here.

Fitness Blender // Daniel and Kelli are the duo behind Fitness Blender. They have literally hundreds of workouts on YouTube, so it’s pretty likely that you’ll find something that you’ll like. Fitness Blender has workouts that focus on different body parts (legs, core, upper body) as well as informational videos answering fitness questions. They even have playlists of 5 or 6 workouts to do in a week that build off each other. You can find Fitness Blender on YouTube here.

Fitnessista // Gina has quite a few workout videos on YouTube, from tabata to barre to yoga. Her short ab burner videos are quick – perfect for adding onto the end of workouts. Her barre and yoga workouts require minimal equipment which is great when you’re working out at home. If you’ve ever participated in her Winter Shapeups, she also some of those workouts uploaded on YouTube as well. You can find Gina on YouTube here.

Have you ever played wheelchair basketball? What’s your favorite YouTube channel for at home workouts? 

My Favorite YouTube Channels for Workouts

2 thoughts on “My Favorite YouTube Channels for Workouts

  • January 18, 2017 at 9:22 am

    I’ve actually never researched youtube for fitness videos before, but I love the idea! I may have to give some of them a try!

    • January 20, 2017 at 10:14 am

      YouTube is great when you don’t have time to get to the gym.

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