Weekly Workouts

I hope everyone had a good week getting back into the usual routine. I’m actually kind of happy to be back to normal schedule again now that classes have started back up again.

Sunday // Rest day.

Weekly Workouts January 1 to 7 2017

Monday // I started off the week with a workout from Jessica Smith on YouTube. It was a 20 minute interval cardio and strength workout. It was perfect because the intervals were short and kept me interested so that I didn’t get bored. I’ve really been enjoying her workouts lately. It’s nice to be able to do them from home with a minimal amount of equipment.

Tuesday // Rest day.

Weekly Workouts January 1 to 7 2017

Wednesday // I ended up doing a cardio workout from Fitness Blender, also on YouTube. I always hear about them online, but surprisingly this was the first time I’ve tried a Fitness Blender workout. Once again the intervals were short enough to keep me interested and the time flew by. I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done.

Thursday // I wasn’t feeling like doing a proper workout so I went for a walk instead after classes. It was kind of nice being outside despite all the snow and cold temperatures. Plus being able to get moving after sitting in classes was also kind of nice.

Friday // After working and then getting a bunch of errands done I wasn’t feeling up for a workout, so it ended up being another rest day.

Saturday // Today I’m planning on going to my favorite park by the river for a walk. It snowed yesterday so it should be extra pretty. There’s a few big hills that I’m planning on tackling, so I’m, sure I’ll be breathing hard by the time I get to the tops of them. I’m planning on bundling up though because it’s supposed to still be cold this afternoon.

What was your favorite workout this week? Any favorite fitness channels on YouTube? 

Weekly Workouts January 1 to 7 2017