Is anyone else as happy as I am that it’s Friday? And the first Friday of 2017 even. Since it’s Friday that means it’s time for a Friday Favorites post.

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my skincare routine. I use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and for the most part, that’s it.

Revitalift Brightening Daily Lotion Friday Favorites

A few months ago I tried the brightening daily lotion from the L’Oreal Revitalift line and I keep coming back to it. It keep the dry skin on my chin at bay and prevents it from getting flaky. It absorbs quickly and as a bonus the citrus smell is amazing! I’m so glad I have this a shot.

Pork Spring Rolls

There’s a vendor at the farmer’s market who I get curry from almost every time I go. I buy it so often when he see’s me he gets it ready for me. Recently he started offering spring rolls. He was offering samples of them a few weeks ago, and was telling me that they were his mom’s recipe. I liked them so much that I decided to get some the last time I was there. They’re so tasty! I bake them in the oven instead of frying them, but they still turn out crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. If you’re in Calgary, make sure you check out Arce at the Symons Valley Farmers Market.

The Secret Keeper Book

I haven’t done much reading over the last year. I think it’s because I have to do so much reading for school and by the time I’m done schoolwork for the day I just don’t want to do anymore reading, even if it’s for fun. Over the break from school though I started reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton (affiliate link). I’ve read one other book by Kate Morton and really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d give this one a try too. I stayed up way too late the night I started reading it. I’m about half way through now and I’m really liking it so far.

Bolthouse Berry Boost Jiuce

My dad actually bought this for me last week thinking that I’d like it. To be completely honest, my expectations weren’t very high, but it turned out to be really delicious. It says smoothie on the label, but it was more like juice. I would definitely get this again because it tasted so good, though it would be a once in awhile treat because of the sugar content.

Over the holidays we ended up getting takeout from The Coal Shed. It’s only two neighborhoods over from where I live, but I’d never heard of it before. I ended up getting the Alberta pork butt sandwich was was absolutely amazing! And this is coming from someone who would pick vegetarian over meat if I had the choice. There was the perfect amount of barbecue sauce. There was also coleslaw in it, and the ciabatta bread it was on was so good. I also went with a side of sweet potato fries which were also really good. The servings were pretty big so it ended up being two meals.  I would definitely recommend trying it out if you’re looking for some barbecue.

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What’s one of your favorite things from the last week or two? 

Friday Favorites January 6 2017