Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost over. It’s gone by so fast, I’m sure 2017 will do the same thing. Have any exciting New Year’s Eve plans? Mine are pretty low key, and big parties with a ton of people aren’t really my thing. I’d much rather stay home and have a few people over.

Weekly Workouts

I haven’t done one of these Weekly Workouts posts in a long time, but I thought I’d bring them back as they’re fun to write. Plus I love hearing what other people are doing for workouts, so I thought I’d share mine. If you’re looking for a workout to do, be sure to check out my workouts page.

Jessica Smith Workout Weekly Workouts December 25 to 31 2016

Monday // I did a Jessica Smith workout on YouTube. Although I’ve done a workout DVD of hers before, it was my first time doing a workout from YouTube. I have to admit that I was impressed. I’ll definitely be doing more of hers in the future. The workout I did was this one in case you’re interested in giving it a try too.

Tuesday // Rest day. I was out late Monday night for a Boxing Day party, so I had zero motivation to workout first thing in the morning. It wasn’t even that I drank too much (I only had one beer the entire night), but I was just tired because I was out late.

Wednesday // I decided to do a old workout that I’m sure I’ve done a million times before, but the 30 Day Shred workouts (affiliate link) are always nice to do because I know exactly what to expect. Plus I like that even thought they’re under 30 minutes long, I still get in a great workout.

Thursday // I woke up surprisingly sore from my workout on Wednesday, which I wasn’t expecting. Apparently I pushed myself harder than I thought. As a result I took another rest day.

Friday // After lunch I decided to go for a walk. I was still a bit sore, so I decided to take it easy. It was just below freezing (which was the warmest it got), so I took advantage of it. Once I got moving it wasn’t too bad. I’m pretty sure walking through the snow added to the workout – I always forget how much of a workout that can be. I must have been enjoying myself out there because I forgot to take a photo.

Saturday // Since I’m writing this on Friday, I’m planning on doing a barre workout at home or going to my favorite yoga studio for a class. Either way it’ll be a great way to end 2016.

What was your favorite workout this week? 

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Weekly Workouts December 25 to 31 2016