I’m pretty glad it’s Friday right now. This week I had four finals in three days, so Monday to Wednesday was pretty much all studying and test taking. I’m so glad all my finals are behind me now and I can spend a few weeks relaxing before the next semester begins. I’m looking forward to study free days spent with family and friends. Now onto my Friday Favorites!

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 // I’m planning on writing a review of it in the next few weeks, but I wanted to share how much I’m loving my new Fitbit Charge 2 (affiliate link) that I got a few weeks ago. Not only does it track my steps, but it also measures my heart rate and tracks my sleep as well.

2017 planning party

Nicole Culver’s 2017 Planning Party // I decided to sign up for the 2017 Planning Party being run by Nicole Culver a few weeks ago. Although it doesn’t officially start til Monday she had us doing some prep work this week. I’m super excited about getting some blog stuff done during the Christmas break, and I’m hoping to get my editorial calendar planned out for the first few months of 2017. There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested in participating too. I also recommend her podcast too if you’re a fellow blogger.

Chex Mix

Christmas baking // Most years I do a bunch of Christmas baking leading up to Christmas. Because the last few weeks of the semester have been so crazy, I haven’t had a chance to do any up to this point.  I officially started today though. One batch of Chex mix is done. I’m planning on making another batch later today (it goes fast in our house), and shortbread cookies will happen tomorrow. I also have gingerbread, cranberry pound cake, rum balls, and sugar cookies on the list to do in the time before Christmas.

Spotify Christmas playlist // Although it took some time this year, I’m officially looking forward to Christmas. I’ve been listening to this Christmas playlist that I made last year. I’ve also watched It’s A Wonderful Life (my absolute favorite Christmas movie).

Harry Potter Snuggie // My birthday was a few weeks ago and my boyfriend surprised me with a Harry Potter snuggie (affiliate link) as a gift. I’m always cold and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so he thought I’d like it. I think I’ve used it every single time I’ve been on the couch watching TV since I got it. Not only does it keep me warm, but I can check my phone during the commercials without letting all the warm air out.

My optometrist // Last Friday my left eye started to feel a bit weird, and by the time I got home to take a look at it, it was red and irritated. Sure enough my optometrist’s office was closed for the weekend when I tried to call, so I had to wait til Monday to get an appointment. I was pretty miserable over the weekend. My eye was super sensitive to light so studying for my finals on the computer was out. I’ve very grateful I’m old school and still print out my PowerPoint slides from each class. At the appointment this week he confirmed that I had an eye infection so I headed to the pharmacy right afterwards to get my prescription filled. I’m so grateful that I’m feeling better now after a few days of using the prescription eye drops. Although I still can’t go back to contacts for a few more days, I’m feeling 95% better. You don’t realize how much you use your eyes and take for granted when they’re healthy until something goes wrong.

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What’s one of your Friday Favorites today?

Friday Favorites December 9 2016

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  • December 9, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    Thank you for the info on the 2017 planning party! My Friday favorite of the day is new hot chocolate…marshmallow swirl. Drool.

    • December 9, 2016 at 11:04 pm

      I’m more than happy to share. The marshmallow swirl hot chocolate sounds delicious!

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