You might have noticed that it was quiet here on Get Fit Fiona last week. That’s because I had a family member be admitted to the hospital. While this isn’t the first time we’ve had a medical emergency in the immediate family, it never gets easier. I’m very grateful that the hospital staff were so awesome. They made sure he was as comfortable as possible, and were so patient answering all of our questions. Thankfully he’s back home now and feeling so much better. That also means that I’m getting more sleep (I was going on 4 days with only 8 or 10 hours of sleep) and eating better (hospital food, even if it’s from the cafeteria isn’t very good).

 Calgary Chicago Hockey Game

With all the stress of the last week I knew I wanted to take some time this weekend to relax. A friend’s dad invited me to go to the Calgary/Chicago hockey game with him on Friday night. It was a really fun game to watch because both teams were playing well and the score was close the entire time. Unfortunately Chicago managed to score with only a few minutes left in the game and the Flames weren’t able to tie it up in time to go to overtime.

On Saturday I met my boyfriend downtown and we headed to the Calgary Expo Holiday Market. I’m not really into superheroes or fantasy stuff, but he talked me into it by telling me that there would probably be Harry Potter stuff. There was some amazing artwork along with lots of other merchandise from TV shows, books, and movies. There were also a bunch of people dressed up in costumes which was cool to see (there were quite a few Harry Potter’s and Hermione’s too). For dinner we ended up ordering Korean chicken from Ogam. This was our second time getting food from them and it was delicious.

Sunday was spent preparing for a presentation I’m giving today in my strength training class. I definitely know more about the anatomy of muscle cells now than I did before I started working on this presentation. I’ll be very glad when it’s done – talking in front of groups of people isn’t my strong suit. Sunday afternoon I also prepped some food for lunches for the week. One of the things I made was a tofu and veggie stir fry. I’m hoping it ends up tasting good because i have yet to make tofu delicious – up until now it’s just been kind of blah.

And now onto the details for week 4 of the November Healthy Living Challenge!

November Healthy Living Challenge

Day 21 // Try a vegetarian meal today. Swap out the meat in a recipe for tofu or beans.

Day 22 // Try one new piece of equipment at the gym today that you’ve never used before.

Day 23 // Do yoga today. Go to a class, practice on your own, or find a video online.

Day 24 // Instead of buying your lunch at work or school today, pack a healthy lunch to take with you.

Day 25 // Unplug from social media today.

Day 26 // Stop by the farmer’s market and buy some food that’s locally grown or made.

Day 27 // Stock up your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks. Make it easy to make good decisions.

Do anything fun this weekend? Any tips on cooking tofu? 

November Healthy Living Challenge: Week 4