November Healthy Living Challenge

Welcome to the kickoff for my November Healthy Living Challenge week 1! I’m super excited about participating along with everyone who’s decided to join in.

Every Monday for the month of November I’ll be publishing a post with the daily challenges for the week. If you want them a few days early sign up for the challenge email list here. Hint: email subscribers will also be getting 2 exclusive workouts so be sure to sign up!

Although November doesn’t start until tomorrow I wanted to share this weeks challenges today. Below you’ll find the first six challenges.

Day 1 // Try a new healthy recipe for dinner tonight.

Day 2 // Go for a 30 minute walk at some point today. Go during your lunch hour at work or after dinner. Whenever you decide to do it, get outside!

Day 3 // Turn your electronics off for 1 hour before bed.

Day 4 // Stretch it out! After your workout today spend 10 minutes stretching.

Day 5 // Walk 10,000 steps today. Use an app on your phone or your wearable fitness tracker.

Day 6 // Get adventurous and try a new fruit or vegetable that you’ve never eaten before.

I’m going to be participating right along with everyone else so I’m hoping you’ll join in on the fun. The intention is to make small changes every day that will get you thinking about what long term changes you may way to make. Maybe you’ll decide that a family walk after dinner is something you want to make a habit, or reading instead of browsing Pinterest before bed will help you sleep better. This challenge is all about getting out of your comfort zone and seeing what works for you.

You can find all the challenge info as well as the daily prompts here.

November Healthy Living Challenge: Week 1