I hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent Saturday at the Next Big Thing here in Calgary learning about all things blogger/creative/social media. They had some amazing speakers which I learned so much from. It was a great day and I’ll be back again next year if they decide to make it an annual thing. Needless to say, with all that inspiration from the weekend I have some exciting ideas for things that I want to do on the blog.

Now on to today’s post.

How to get back on track with healthy eating and workouts

I think we’ve all been in a spot where we’ve achieved great things in regards to working out and eating healthy, and then we end up skipping workouts or making not so healthy decisions when it comes to food. It can be really tough sometimes to get back on track with healthy eating and workouts, so I thought I’d share a few tips that have worked for me.

Start small // While it might be tempting to make 17 changes all at the same time, you’ll have more success if you focus on one or two things at a time. Once you’ve gotten one goal under your belt for a few weeks, move on to another one.

Make SMART goals // I know you’ve most likely heard of SMART goals before, but there’s a reason why they’re so popular – they work! The acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. For more on SMART goals, check out my blog post about them here. Be as specific as possible when creating new goals – it’ll help you achieve them.

Schedule it in // Whether you like it or not, making healthy decisions takes time. Meal prepping on the weekend take a few hours, but it’s worth it to have healthy food to eat throughout the week. Getting yourself to the gym or yoga studio a few times a week involves a commute, but when you have extra energy later on in your day it’s worth the early alarm. Make sure you plan for the extra time it’ll take you. Block off Sunday afternoon for meal prepping. Go to bed earlier the night before an early morning workout before work.

Get a support system // Having people who know that goals you’re trying to achieve and helping you with them is a key part to being successful. They’re more likely to encourage you to make positive decisions. They’re understanding when you suggest a healthier restaurant instead of fast food when you’re out together. Even having someone to workout with makes a difference. I know I’m far less likely to skip a workout when it means that I’ll have to cancel on a friend.

What’s one tip of yours that helps to get you back on track health wise? 

How To Get Back On Track With Healthy Eating and Workouts

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