Day in the Life October 2016

I haven’t done a Day in the Life post for a few months now, so I thought today would be the perfect day to do it. I’m recapping last Thursday.

5:45 am // My alarm goes off. While I don’t have to be at school until 11 for a group meeting, I find that I’m most productive in the morning so I get up early to get some homework done.

6:00 am // I check social media on my ipad I get out of bed and head to the kitchen to make breakfast. My back has been bothering me for last few days, so I take some medication to help with the pain.

6:40 am // After eating breakfast (toast with peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, and apple sauce) and watching the morning news I head back upstairs to shower and get ready for the day.

7:10 am // I get started on some blogging work.

8:30 am // Once I’m done my blogging stuff I get started on some reading for my Growth and Motor Development class. This chapter is about reflexes in babies.

9:43 am // I put together a quick snack of carrots and hummus to take with me to school. With my backpack packed I head to school.

10:35 am // I get to school early cause there was next to no traffic, hooray! I eat the carrots and hummus while I wait for the other people in my group to show up for our meeting.

11 am // Everyone has arrived and we start working on our group presentation – basically just splitting up everything that we have to cover. It doesn’t take the hour that we scheduled, so we end up chatting until class starts.

12 pm // Class starts with a guest speaker. We learn about the agency that he works for, and then we head down to one of the gyms to play a game. Because of my back I watch from the sidelines instead of participating. I wish I could though because it looks like everyone is having a lot of fun.

2 pm // Class ends and I walk back to the parkade to head home. On the way I call my dad and we make plans to go out for a late lunch.

 Diner Deluxe Mascarpone Berry French Toast

2:30 pm // We meet at Diner Deluxe to eat. I usually go to their location on Edmonton Trail, so this is my first time at their Aspen Landing location. I ordered the mascarpone and berry french toast which was absolutely delicious!

4:45 pm // After stopping by the grocery store on the way home to get some peanut butter and oats I make some protein balls using this recipe from Tina at Carrots N Cake. I”ve made then before and they turn out perfectly again.

5 pm // Since I haven’t done any homework since this morning I get started on an assignment for my strength training class. I get to make a year long periodized training plan for an athlete of my choice.

6:30 pm // I start to get hungry so I reheat leftover sweet and sour chicken stir fry for dinner. Leftovers are great for quick dinners.

Textbook Reading Homework

7 pm // I crank out some more reading before I decide that I’m done school work for the day.

8pm // How  To Get Away With Murder is on tv! I got into it last year when it started and I’m now hooked.

9 pm // Once the episode is over I start getting ready for bed and read for awhile.

10:15 pm // I’m yawning so I know that it’s time to turn off the light, which I do.

Day in the Life – October 2016