Today I’m sharing another workout – this time an interval bike workout.

The last two weeks in my Principles and Methods of Training class we’ve talked a lot about intensity and how you can change it. We were in the gym for a couple classes doing walk/run programs, monitoring heart rate, and doing a HIIT workout. The big take away for me was that using intervals of high and low intensity allow you to get in a great workout in a shorter amount of time. One thing that I really liked was how fast it felt like the workouts went by. By switching up the intensities it felt like the 30 minutes went by quicker.

While intervals have always been on my radar, it was great to experience how to use them in three different workouts as well as how the energy systems work together to get you through the workout. I can definitely see myself using intervals with clients once I start training. For people who don’t have a lot of time to be in the gym they’re great. I mean who doesn’t want to be done in the gym as fast as possible without sacrificing their workout?

30 Minute Interval Bike Workout

This workout involvs changing the tension on the bike. Alternating one minute of higher tension with two minutes of lower tension means that you’re working hard, but also giving yourself some time to recover before going hard again.

You’ll notice that there’s a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end. Although it might be tempting to skip these parts, I really encourage you to do them. It makes a big difference in preparing your body to be active and then recovering afterwards.

What’s your favorite interval workout?

As always, make sure you check with a doctor before beginning to exercise. Modify as needed to suit your body and any injuries you may have. 

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30 Minute Interval Bike Workout