While I know that some people have started back to school already, I don’t go back until September 6th, after Labor Day. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually looking forward to going back. I’m currently working on campus right now, and it’s kind of fun to see people start to get back into the swing of things – buying books, making changes to their class schedules, and seeing first years checking out the campus.

Of course along with a new school year comes some new clothes. I put together a typical outfit that I would wear to school. Keep in mind that since I’m doing a kinesiology diploma we regularly have classes in the gym. That means that I tend to be a bit more casual with my clothes. If I have to put clothes in a locker while I’m working out, they’re most likely going to come out a bit wrinkly. Not the best look for fancy clothes.

I find the campus tends to be cold. Walking from the parkade to my locker, classrooms, and the food court usually means that I get there cold. I don’t know what it is, but if I’m on the move I’m cold. That’s why I made sure to add a jacket to the list – it’ll keep me warm. On the flip side, the classroom that most of our classes are in gets extremely hot and stuffy. There’s next to no air movement, even if the door stays open. That’s why I always like to make sure that I’m wearing layers so that I can take one or two pieces off part way through class.

I think accessories can make or break an outfit, so I always try to wear at least one or two everyday. For this outfit I picked out two gold pieces – a butterfly necklace and an arrow bracelet. I think the necklace is pretty without being too obvious. I have big hands, so trying to get bangles across my knuckles never happens. I always go with bracelets that have hinges or clasps, which is why I decided on this arrow one.

I’ve been a huge fan of boot cut jeans since I was in high school. I’ll be very sad if they ever go out of style. Can I admit something? I’ve never owned a pair of skinny jeans. I’ve tried them on a few times in stores, but for some reason they just look funny on me. I love these boot cut jeans from The Gap because of the light wash.

My style is definitely a bit more classic, so when I found the blue backpack I instantly fell in love. I usually have a textbook or two plus a binder that I have to bring to school everyday, in addition to workout clothes if we’re in the gym, and a lunch, so while a tote would definitely be cute, it’s just not practical. I can fit a lot more into a backpack plus it’s easier to carry around campus.

Like I mentioned before, I’m usually walking all over the school in a typical day. The parkade is at the opposite end of the campus from the classrooms I’m usually in. My favorite study spot is nowhere near where I park or the classroom. Because I do quite a bit of walking while I’m at school I always pick shoes that are comfy to walk in over some that are less functional but cuter. While sneakers may not be the most prettiest shoes out there, they’re perfect for getting to and from where I need to go.
What’s your style look like? Is/was it different while you are/were in school?
Fall Fashion

2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  • August 24, 2016 at 10:59 am

    I love fall accessories! It’s such a fun time of year and you can really do a lot with fashion once the weather starts to change. Love that bracelet!

  • August 24, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    So I never ever found a pair of skinny jeans that looked good on me – until I met with a stylist who picked out outfits for me and boom – she found a pair that looked amazing! I was so surprised because I didn’t think they’d ever look right. I have them in light and dark wash now :)

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