Although I’m on vacation (I’m in Victoria today!), I wanted to make sure I had a few posts scheduled and ready to go this week. Today I’m recapping the beautiful Troll Falls hike I did last week. 

Troll Falls Hike

Last week my dad and I went on a hike to Trolls Falls. It’s located in Kananaskis, which is just outside of Banff National Park. Neither of us had done this hike before, but once I saw some of the photos of the waterfall at the end I knew I wanted to do it. It looked relatively easy and quick, with some beautiful scenery along the way. You can’t go wrong with that kind of combination.

Troll Falls Kananaskis Hike

Considering how big the parking lot was (this is only half of it), I was surprised to only see two other cars there when we arrived at the trailhead. Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, I was still expecting more people to be here, as it’s a fairly popular hike in Kananaskis. I’m not complaining though – for the most part we had the trail all to ourselves, and only saw two other people.

Troll Falls Kananaskis Hike

The first half of the hike into the falls looked like this. It was wide and until you got closer to the falls it rock and root free. I can see why this hike is recommended to families. It’s easy to navigate and short enough that kids can do it.

As you can tell, it was pretty cloudy with misting rain. The clouds were low and were actually kind of pretty even though we couldn’t see the tops of the mountains. It didn’t feel like it while we were walking, but we’d actually gained a bit of elevation by this point. We were surrounded by trees until here so it was hard to tell.

I loved the look of those mossy rocks in this little stream. Although I for some reason didn’t take any photos, this is a great hike to see wildflowers. Everywhere you looked there were lots of red paintbrush, bluebells, yarrow, and asters. I even saw quite a few wild strawberry plants, though they weren’t blooming.

We were so lucky to be able to see a deer! I almost walked right past her until I saw her move out of the corner of my eye. She wasn’t that far off the trail and didn’t seem at all concerned that we were there. She gave us a look and then went back to eating some plants. We were able to watch her for a minute or two until she heard something off in the other direction and ran away. It’s always surprising to me that in just an hour’s drive away from Calgary I can see stuff like this.

Troll Falls Kananaskis Hike

The waterfall at the end of the hike was definitely worth it. It turned out to be bigger than I was expecting. It was surprisingly loud and I almost had to shout to be able to talk to my dad. I would have loved to explore the area around the waterfall a bit more, but everything was really wet from all the rain we’ve had lately and I didn’t want to risk slipping on the rocks.

We made it back to the car in just under an hour even though we stopped quite a bit to take photos and check out the wildflowers. I’d definitely recommend this hike as an add on one to do with another hike in the area because it’s so short.

It’s not far from Canmore either, so you can drive into town and have lunch or dinner afterwards. That’s exactly what we ended up doing. We ate at La Belle Potate and then stopped by Valbella to check out their deli and bought a few things to bring home. We then went to downtown Canmore and walked around a bit before we got back on the highway to head back to Calgary.

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Have you ever done the Troll Falls hike?

Troll Falls Hike