Weekly WorkoutsSunday My first workout of the week was courtesy Gina, the blogger behind Fitnessista. She’s currently running her Summer Shape Up so I’m participating in it once again. The workout scheduled for today was made up of two parts, strength and tabatas. She gives the option of going through it once or twice, and since I had a bit of extra time I went through it twice. Even though it wasn’t a very long workout, I was beat by the time I was done. You can  find the workout here.

Monday Gina’s Summer Shape Up schedule for this week had two rest days in it, so I took one of them today. I was feeling zero motivation to workout.

Tuesday My plan was to get outside for a walk this morning, but when I pulled up to the park the parking lot was completely full. So instead I got on the treadmill at home. Definitely not as pretty as the park, but it got the job done.

Troll Falls Kananaskis

Wednesday I knew I definitely wanted to get outside today since it didn’t work out the day before, so my dad and I went on a hike in Kanaskis. It was definitely wet (we’ve gotten a lot of rain lately), but we were able to avoid the puddles and still make it to the waterfall at the end of the hike.

Thursday I did the same strength/tabata workout from Gina’s Summer Shape Up today that I did on Sunday. Even though I’d been through it once before it didn’t feel any easier. I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done, so that was a good sign.

Friday The day started out rainy again, so I took to the treadmill instead of attempting a walk in a park. I don’t usually use the treadmill, so I’m glad I’m getting some use out of it this week.

Saturday I took my last rest day today.

I’ll be leaving on Sunday afternoon to go to Vancouver, so I won’t have a weekly workouts post. I’ll be doing a ton of walking, as my hotel is right downtown and Vancouver is a very pedestrian friendly city. So while there won’t be workouts exactly, I’ll still be getting in lots and lots of steps.

What was your favorite workout this week? 

Weekly Workouts July 10 to 16 2016