Weekly Workouts

Sunday I decided to take a rest day.

Monday I started off the week with an intense lower body workout that I found on Pinterest. I thought I had saved it, but I guess I didn’t because when I went back to find it to link to it in this post I couldn’t find it. In the 40 minutes it took to complete I had legs that felt like spaghetti.

 Weekly Workouts

Tuesday I decided to go for a walk in the morning to my favorite park first thing in the morning. I feel like I’m more productive on days that I get my workout in early. I’m so glad I went cause it was perfect – not too hot yet and no risk of the almost daily afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been getting lately.

 Weekly Workouts

Wednesday I ended up going for another walk on Wednesday night after dinner with my dad. I’d found a really pretty spot the day before with a ton of wildflowers, so I wanted to take him to see it. Usually when I’m on my own I tend to walk faster than when I’m with other people (I fully admit that my walking pace is set on fast most of the time), but this walk ended up having a quicker pace that Tuesday’s. I guess I stopped to take more photos on Tuesday than on Wednesday.

Thursday In keeping with my July goals, I did a restorative yoga video on Grokker (affiliate link). The 20 minute video was long enough that I felt refreshed afterwards, but not too long that I got bored and lost interest (which tends to happen when I do yoga videos at home).

Friday My last workout of the week was an upper body one from Julie over at pbfingers.com. I was really feeling it in my shoulders, and today I’m definitely feeling it.

Saturday I took another rest day today.

What was your favorite workout this week? 

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Weekly Workouts July 3 to 9 2016