Lately I’ve been getting more and more traffic from Pinterest to my blog. Tailwind (affiliate link) has been a huge part of that, so I thought I’d share 5 ways that Tailwind improves my Pinterest game. If you haven’t heard of Tailwind before, check out my review of it here before reading the rest of this post.

5 ways Tailwind improves my Pinterest game

I can schedule pins. I know I don’t like being tied to my computer all day, but I like to have social media updates go out throughout the day instead of all at once. The solution is the ability to schedule pins. I can spend an hour or two scheduling pins for the entire week instead of pinning them manually throughout the day, every day. It makes things so much easier since I can do it all at once in one big batch. With Tailwind I can schedule as many or as few as I want every day, and even choose the times that I want them to go out.

I can do multiple pins at once. When you use Tailwind you can pin to multiple boards at once. For instance, when I’m sharing a workout, I can pin it to cardio workouts, HIIT workouts, at home workouts, and beginner workouts all at once. That means that I have four pins ready to go. This is one of my favorite features as it sure beats pinning it to each board separately. It cuts down on a lot of time that I can be doing other things.

Tailwind Schedule

Tailwind tells me the best times to pin to Pinterest. Tailwind also has suggestions for times when the users who follow me on Pinterest are most active, so I can get as much engagement as possible. For instance lots of my followers are active on Saturdays and Sundays, but not so much on Tuesdays. Afternoons and evenings are also more popular than mornings. In addition, you can also schedule pins at time you pick as well. The times outlined in solid green are times that I have scheduled. Times outlined in a dotted green line are suggestions from Tailwind.

Tailwind Locked Pins

I can lock pins into my schedule so they don’t move. I like to spread out pins from my blog throughout the day. Having them go out all at once would be annoying to my followers (at least I think it would be – it would be to me). So when I add them to my Tailwind queue I can move them around so that they’re spread out and then lock them into place. This means that even if I add pins ahead of them, they’ll stay at the time that I’ve locked them into, instead of moving down the queue. The pins with the little lock in the bottom right corner are the ones that are locked in at a specific time.

Tailwind has grown my Pinterest followers. Tailwind (affiliate link) has helped me be much more consistent in my pinning. As a result I’ve grown my Pinterest following. Like I mentioned before, being more consistent has helped, along with having more time to curate pins that my followers will be interested in. Along with more Pinterest followers, that also means more page views on my blog.

Do you use Tailwind? Let me know if you have any questions about it in the comments and I’ll try to answer then for you. 

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5 Ways Tailwind Improves My Pinterest Game