I hope you all had a great weekend! Before I get to today’s workout playlist I thought I’d do a bit of a weekend recap. Spoiler: it was a great weekend!

Friday morning I didn’t have classes so I was able to attend Social Media Breakfast at the Calgary Zoo. Every month it’s at a different venue (we’ve been at a spin studio, the University of Calgary, and pubs/restaurants). Along with the different venues there’s also different speakers. Sometimes it’ll be one speaker, other times panels. I love going to meet the other people who attend. There’s the obvious people who are in PR/marketing who work with social media all day, but there’s also bloggers like me, along with web developers. There’s always a great mix of people and it’s fun to meet them.

After the breakfast was over we were able to check out the zoo. A baby giraffe was born in the fall, so I really wanted to see him. He was absolutely adorable! The zoo was super busy so I ended up leaving afterwards. Crowds just weren’t my thing on Friday.

Postmark Raspberry Beer

Friday night my boyfriend and I got together for dinner. We made pizzas and had a couple beers. This one was particularly good. When he found out I’d never seen Clerks or Clerks 2 he was shocked so we ended up watching both of them.

Exercise Physiology Homework

Saturday was devoted to homework and laundry. Exciting, I know. I worked on my very last exercise physiology assignment of the semester. We had to apply what we’ve been learning over the last couple months to 6 case studies. Going through the assignment makes me realize how much I’ve learned this semester. While it’s really dense and scientific material, I know I’ll be using things from this class with my clients when I’m training them after I’m done school.

The dumpling hero food truck

Sunday afternoon I decided to go downtown to check out the food trucks at #picnicinvicpark. There were a ton of trucks to pick from, so my boyfriend and I decided to do a lap and check out all the menus of the food trucks. I decided to go with the dumpling sampler from The Dumpling Hero.

The Dumpling Hero

It was a lot of food, but I would definitely get it again. There were three different kinds of dumplings along with some noodles. Once I got home I spent some time getting ready for the week and finishing up laundry.

All in all it was a great weekend with a good mix of work and fun. Now on to today’s workout playlist! There are so many great summer songs on the radio right now, so I had to make sure that I included a few of them in this playlist. My current favorite is Selena Gomez’s Kill Em With Kindness. And like usual, I added a throwback song (London Bridge).

Workout Playlist

Now that you know what I’m listening to at the gym, leave a comment below with a song from your current workout playlist. 

Weekend Recap and June Playlist